Just wondering......

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  1. I see a lot of Cl's that have writing on the bottom of the shoe , it looks really cool. Some say"I love louboutin" and there were some others i couldn't read. Can some of you let me know where I can find these or if there are special made? Also, Alot of you have heels that are strassed, are those sent out to be done ? As you can tell, i am a new collector so i am not familiar with all the shoes:shame: Thanks!
  2. patent pink, the ones with writing on their soles have been personally signed by Monsieur Christian Louboutin. He will go to certain boutiques and department stores and have a shoe signing.

    As for the strass shoes, Christian Louboutin does make strass shoes which usually cost $2000 and up. Many tPFers have also taken to doing DIY strass jobs(please check out the DIY thread) which have turned out fabulously!!
  3. Thanks Panda! Wow I don't know what i would do if i were lucky enough to meet the man himself! As for the strass, I will have to check out the DIY section, I will be up all night now ha ha
  4. OMG Bowie!!! He's so cute!!!

    Welcome to the CL asylum!!!
  5. patentpink your little doggy is soo adorable! what breed?

    also, you can always purchase a pair of shoes over the phone and ask a friendly sales associate to have them signed for you if you know he's going to be there.
  6. ^ ooh thats a good idea, alyssa08!

    being from canada that may be my only chance since i dont tend to vacay in the same spots at the same time as msr. louboutin. hehe.

    welcome to the world of CL, OP!
  7. welcome! (^(oo)^)/"
  8. Welcome to the forum, love the pic of Bowie, he is TOO adorable!