Just wondering....

  1. You know, I was just wondering if there's anyone out there who likes to "collect" Hermes.....I was just thinking that I could EASILY slide into collecting vintage Hermes bags if my bank account would allow it.

    Is there anyone else out there who actively collects certain H bags or items?

    After seeing that absolutely STUNNING brown croc Kelly on the LZ site from the 1950's, I think I'm fighting a losing battle with vintage.... :sad:
  2. lol - now define "collecting...":lol: is there really a difference between that and well say "true love". hahaha. j.k.:angel:

    i'm doubt i qualify as an active collector but does having SO & wishlist count?:huh: if so, then yes... i'm in the same boat as you.:biggrin:

    as i see it, life is all about living. granted, if you have the means (i.e. not go into terrible debt, crazy balances, your kids don't go hungry, etc), why not go for it? it's a healthy albeit expensive hobby - this whole H madness. :love: but as my DH says " as long as the wife is happy, the family's happy." LOL

    p.s. i'm only focusing on items that i know i can use IRL. and i'm incredibly picky so in reality, my list is trully tiny - only a couple of RTW items & some handbags.
  3. I collect the Hermes china in the Africa pattern, green colourway. I'm about halfway through a setting for 8...but I think it will end up being for 12!!!

    LOVE the breakfast cups - they're huge!!!

    I love the newer red & white pattern (unsure of the name) and my SA told me there is a new pattern coming out in an "India" pattern....I could go nuts, but I'm sticking to the one pattern for now!

    All my H scarves and bracelets are fish/ocean themed? So I sort-of collect them???

    I'm going to collect Kelly's when my budget allows!!!!! Prefereably. croc!!!!!!:lol:
  4. I ADORE that bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:love: :love: :love:
  5. I suppose we are collectors; when you have a passion for something and always want more, not because you need it, but because you love looking at it, like someone who collects art, it's the same kind of thing...with bags you get to use them aswell...I have ten H bags so far, so I don't NEED to buy more; but for me, going through the process of ordering, waiting and finally getting the bag I want, or bidding for a vintage one, is almost more fun than actually having the bag, that's why as soon as I get one, I'm looking for the next one....:graucho:
  6. KRISTIE....the china must be gorgeous! I have to remember to look at the china when I'm in the store next time...I love huge breakfast cups for my morning coffee!

    DUNA....that's it, exactly! Well said....YES! And this week you get your Pullman! Can't wait for pics!

  7. oh you ladies... such incredible luck w/ all your collections. duna - what's your secret? after ordering only one, i'm already fantasizing about my next four!! i feel awful. :sad:
  8. 25 scarves, 15 bags, etc. Would I qualify?
  9. Consider I started buying H bags about 25 yrs ago, so I don't have that many..!!LOL;) If I could, I would buy almost anything I see!! But since I can't afford that, I have to be selective... Mainly I follow my heart, if I really fall in love, and I can afford it, then I get it, otherwise I pass...But I'm not that good you know, I've got a Birkin and a Kelly on order for the Autumn, and I'm already thinking what could come after that...so you see...we're all in the same boat!.. But it's a multi million $ yacht !!!:roflmfao:
  10. I collect scarves/pocket squares. Most of them with a horse theme. I would definitely collect vintage H bags if I had the means...someday! :yes:
  11. Hermesgroupie.....yes, I think you qualify! I'd LOVE to see your bags....did you post pics in the Members Items thread??? Did I read somewhere that you have some lovely exotics?

    Duna....it's so hard to be good! Every time I go into the H store I see something I'd LOVE to take home. But I too have to fall absolutely in love and make sure that it'll be used before I make that investment. My Vintage beauty has been out and about a few times but not as much as Princess or Bolide - but for some reason that doesn't bother me at all. She's just so wonderful to have!

    I really think if I had an extra $10K hanging around I'd buy that croc Kelly on LZ web-site....just an amazing bag of a "certain" age!!!!
  12. I think many of the ladies on here are some form of Hermes collectors.

    For me, I don't think I will ever be a collector. I have always purchased just the very few things that I absolutely love and then just treasure them. They are like my jewels.

    I don't like to have too many things...too much stuff just overwhelms my life...sometimes I think I am odd, but like 3 or 4 Hermes bags would be perfect for me.
  13. No I can see that, KB. When it really comes down to it, I use the same few bags over and over again.

    Actually, I am an avid collector of 18th century jewelery (which, BTW is a lot less expensive than Hermes bags if you can believe it...) and I have a collection of lovely items and yet wear the SAME few pieces all the time! The same ones! :blink:
  14. I probably don't qualify as a collector yet since my collection (1) is so measely ... I'm trying to build up though but seeing how I'm mainly looking at fuchsia exotics of specific sizes, it's a painfully slow process

    I AM a collector of hand-made items though:yes:
  15. I have a "collector" personality. For the past few years it's been perfumes/perfume bottles - some where really pricey but none close to an H bag. I like the pure parfum in crystal bottles (even have Hermes Doblis). But lately, I've had enough of perfumes - they just don't give me the "thrill" anymore - and have moved to Hermes...it's much more expensive though so I don't imagine my collection growing anywhere as large as my perfume collection (over 100 bottles). AT least I get the "thrill" with Hermes - even just going into the store! :P