Just wondering

  1. I know I saw a thread here once before about everyday bags but something is wrong and I don't see a search function anymore.

    Anyhow - I was wondering how many of you use the Classic Flap Jumbo as a everyday bag. Do you think it's too much or just the right size?

    I have one - I want to use it as a everyday bag - I know some of you are probably thinking well...just do it then .. and any answers certainly won't make me run upstairs and switch bags .... but I'm just curious. Do you worry about it constantly? Do you baby it the entire day? I used it for a week - then promptly put it up in the closet where it's been sitting for a couple of months - I want to show her off and start using her but worried about regular wear and tear ..

    Any experiences to share with me would be greatly appreciated!
  2. I cant seem to use mine as an everyday bag! I'm too scared I'm going to scratch it - so i use my jersey bubble quilt instead.

    I guess it depends what you do everyday? Are you really out and about?
  3. the search function is disabled temporarily.
    Is your's lamb or caviar?
    If it's caviar USE it!
  4. i have the jumbo. i dont use it everyday. not to wrk at least. ill use it if im out for a day of shopping or to the bars..or when im travelling..the size is great..
  5. i agree.. if it's caviar! use it!! its such a durable leather... and i think its suitable for daily use. what color is your jumbo, i understand if it's a light color, you'll be reluctant to use it on a daily bases due to stains and scratches...
    but if it was a dark/ caviar jumbo.. i'll be showing it to the world!!
  6. Mine is caviar and I use it constantly. It shows NO signs of wear at all.
  7. I use my caviar jumbo as a day bag quite often. I'm not afraid of it wearing the leather out and it's comfy to wear. My only problem is that I find it slightly annoying to have to open the flap to get out my cell phone or my wallet. I don't prefer it when I'm going shopping because I feel that I have to keep opening and closing it to get out my wallet. Instead I use a tote.
  8. Mine is lambskin so .. now I'm worried about using it more often - it's vintage - in mint condition - and I LOVE it. Any of you use your lambskins often and what sort of experiences have you had? People have told me that even the lambskin is durable....but just how durable?
  9. Lambskin is easy to get scratched but only minor conditions that are hard to notice. I really don't baby it that much, the only thing is that I've never placed it on the floor.