Just wondering......

  1. Just wondering, does it matter to you how your husband/boyfriend feels about the bag you get?
  2. Absolutely not! I'm the one carrying it, so it doesn't matter what DH thinks - lol! Thankfully, he doesn't say anything about them either.
  3. It doesn't matter to me either!:smile: All I know is he wouldn't be caught dead holding one of my purses in public and that's about as far as his feelings go!!!:lol:
  4. Everything he thinks matters to me. Luckily, he has no thoughts whatsoever on my handbags. So I don't have to worry about his thoughts....there are none!
  5. If he pays for it, he has the final word. Luckily he can be such a girly and rarely vetos something.
  6. yeah, used to hint to him so much for a bag. now, forget it. why should i wait for him when i could jsut buy them myself. now, he wants to get me the mc alma for my b-day. :smile: but i feel bad b/c it over 1k.
  7. No way! My bf used to say the damier print was ugly, and now that he has a new daughter (damier speedy! :lol:) he is growing to love it!! :love:
  8. DH likes to surprise me with LV - he has great taste and has never bought me a bag that I didn't like. If I buy something for myself, I always ask his opinion.
  9. I could care less. Although DH thinks my cognac spy looks like a beef roast :yucky: (i HATE beef roast! haha) and my white and black mc speedies are the coolest bags i've ever owned. :love:
  10. a little bit! isn't it important to most of us that have a loved one to still be attractive to them?
    If my DH hated a bag of mine I'd probably choose to carry a different one around him UNLESS it was my Chanel Luxe flap!:love:

    I've never understood the "it's yours! Make YOU happy!" on EVERY item, obviously some times it's fine.
    Don't we expect them to look attractive to us sometimes?
  11. Absolutely not...
  12. My hubby has great taste and yes -- I ask him all the time what he thinks of something. Only rarely will he say he doesn't care for it and often times that will change my mind.

    Didn't happen with the Speedy though -- he doesn't like it at all and I love it!
  13. If he wasn't supportive, I wouldn't buy nearly as much. Fortunately, he likes to see me happy! :flowers:
  14. Well, actually I do care. I know this is gonna sound nuts, but when I get a new bag I love, I do actually love it. And I love my husband too, so I want to share my joy at getting a new bag and I kind of want him to love it too. (I think we've already established in previous threads that I'm nuts so I'm not embarassed to say this)
  15. It does matter some. There is one bag that I have bought and my hubby disliked, but it has grown on him. He gave me his reasonings for not liking the bag, but he wanted me to be happy carrying a bag I loved. On the other hand, the last time I had my heart set on a particular bag, when we saw it in person - again, my hubby wasn't impressed and gave me his reasonings for not liking the bag. I was torn between 2 bag that day and I ended up going with the one he liked better. His reasons for not liking the bag actually made me think more about what he did not like and whether it would bother me later on.

    My hubby is my best friend and I like having his opionion. Luckily most of the time, he likes the bags I have picked out anyway.