just wondering...

  1. how much of a discount was at the marc jacobs employee sale???

    i see a lot of ebayers saying they purchased their bags from the "employee sale"...
    and their prices are so loooooooooooow :wtf::wtf::wtf::wtf::wtf::wtf:
    in the price range of $300-400 for quilted stams new with tag...

    but yeah.. just wondering if anyone knew
  2. Traditionally, from what I know, it's been up to 75% off for MJ employees and their subsidiaries(LV, Sephora, etc). If things don't sell out during the MJ employee sale, sometimes a select boutique will have the leftovers shipped to them for a reduced price offered to the public. There's usually one sale a year, but there hasn't been one yet this year.
  3. ^^I've heard the discount was 75% off as well. Drats...if only I knew a MJ employee!
  4. Wow............. I really want to work for MJ.......... 75%......... Wow.........
  5. that means they get their stams for $300 AND BLAKES FOR $250!!! THAT IS CRAZY AWESOME :nuts::nuts::nuts::nuts:
  6. ...OH the bags I'd have..75% off?!?!? I'm green w/ envy!!
  7. OMG!! 75%!!! :nuts:

    That's not a discount that's a steal!!
  8. One of the girl's I work with - her friend works for LVHM - she said you can get MPs and Venetias for about $295, Blakes for $350, Stams for $450 etc etc etc.The sales are twice a year - once in the spring/summer, once in the fall/winter The one sale just ended last week, which is why you are probably seeing a lot of bags up there on eBay. I need to make friends with her friend. Too bad she lives up in NY!
  9. ^^ that makes sense cuz i knew I had already seen earlier this year ppl put bags up on eBay saying it was from the employee sale and then just this week too, yeah make friends with that girl, so i can make friends with you lol
  10. Wow...what a discount. Maybe I should get a second job :idea:
  11. I was thinking the same thing! I wonder if MJ boutiques are hiring! LMAO.
  12. i soooooooo wanna work for marc jacobs now :wtf::wtf: