Just wondering..

  1. Hi guys,

    I am new to this BBag forum..I usually hang out at the LV forum..hehe
    lately I really want a BBag so badly coz it's sooo pretty...but i've always been a lil hesitant in purchasing a Bbag coz I think it's really hard to tell whether it's authentic or not. Can any of the Bbag experts out there that can offer some tips on what to watch out for when purchasing a Bbag? Thanks so much!

    Also, I saw this girl in my class the other day with a white bag that has an exterior looking exactly like the 'city' style. She was sitting rite beside me and I saw that the inside has like all leopard-printed material cloth/lining...I am just wondering if Bbag has bags in the style that i've just described?? :confused1:
  2. Check out ateliernaff.com. It's the Balenciaga Bible...:p ...it's really very informative! Good Luck and you can always post in Authenticate This to get help.
  3. Her bag was a fake if it had leopard-printed material cloth lining. :yucky:
  4. thanks a lot~ really appreciated!
  5. DITO:wtf: That print ick!! LOL