Just wondering, would these go together?

  1. Im getting a chocolate sig. gallery tote for christmas from my mom, and my fiance is wanting to get my some things to go with it. Ive pretty much already decided on the Chelsea Turnlock leather wristlet in toffee. Because of its size.
    The miniskinny i am thinking of is
    that one. I would post a picture but i dont know how! I am thinking of the one in brass/khaki/gold.
    Would all of this go well together? I dont want to be matchy matchy but i dont want to clash either.
  2. gold and chocolate go well together, why not get it for her? then she can carry it on its own too, even if it isn't going in the bag, and it will be a little bit of shine for her.
  3. sorry i misread what you wrote, i read you were getting the bag FOR your mom LOL!!!!

    so to revise: it would look great together for you and you could use the mini skinny in other stuff as well!!
  4. I personally love the madison lurex skinny. It's gold and shimmery, sand very eye-catching. And you definitely want to go with something more flashy for small accessories. Don't be scared of Gold- it goes with almost anything :smile:
  5. I think they'd go great together! You're so nice getting these things for your mom!
  6. ITA! I vote for Gold! :yes: