Just Wondering. Will Nordstrom & Macy get the last 4 Prints?

  1. Hi there. I want to know for sure, if Nordstrom and Macys will get the last Tokidoki prints?.. Does anyone know for sure? Thanks!;)
  2. I don't know, but I don't think all stores work the same. As far as I know, only 1 Macy's in the entire Chicago area carries Toki's and they never even had Spiaggia. And I know some Macy's did.
  3. Oh I meant online... Because I have never seen any tokidoki in any of them here in Miami...
  4. I was wondering this same thing as I'm rather tired of Macys and their sh***y service plus, there won't be a Nordstrom in MA until 2008 (they take that long to build) and the closest one in RI doesn't carry Toki.

    If you called or emailed Nordstrom online when the new prints are out (something I will do if I don't break down and preorder), their customer service is really great. My husband bought me a coat I was pining and pining for at Christmas-time but it had sold out online. He contacted them over the phone and rep checked all retail locations until she found one in my size and color and then we just placed the order right there for it. Arrived in about 3 days.

    I've also used Nordstrom's online cust. service chat to request Toki inventory in stores, which they will do but they do need the bar code # to look for any items that weren't in the online shop.
  5. Probably Macy's online, yeah, but sometimes they get stuff a little late. Nordstrom is a bit weirder online...