Just wondering.. Why is Coach leather very scratchable?

  1. I am just wondering, no offense to leather lovers but today i went to the coach store in macys and when i touched the bleekers and different types of leather bags, it scratches so easily! There were already scratched but with me just lightly touching it with my medium nails scratched it. I guess its a lesson for me to avoid all leather bags from coach. What do you think about the leather by coach? Does your bag get scratched up after heavy using?

    thank you for responding:smile::heart:
  2. I know that the Chelsea Leather doesn't scratch easily at ALL.
  3. i have a coach bag which I have for over 6 years, and i have scratched with my nails, but if you rub your finger over it, its goes away. the leather if anything changes color from where and use.
  4. I am not sure of the physical reasons for the tendency to scratch in leather (tanning processes, treating the hide, etc.) but it only certain leathers and/or colors from Coach that tend to scratch easily. It seems the Legacy whiskey leather tends to show scratches, but the Legacy black and white tend not to. Pebbled leather from Coach and certain leathers in the Soho and Chelsea lines I have found do not scratch easily either. I think avoiding "all leather bags from Coach" is a bit extreme - like all brands of bags, leathers vary.
    JahpsonLoveYou is correct - lots of times you can rub out scratches from nails and whatnot with the oils from your hands. Also as she said, eventually the wear and use of the leather will give it a nice patina and may change the color of the leather a bit. Depending on the bag, some people find that the many scratches over the years add up to a great looking vintage bag.
    It mostly becomes a question of finding the right bag for your habits and lifestyle.
  5. I have four Coach leather bags and the only bag that shows scratches at all is my Legacy top handle - but I already knew that when I bought it. It really depends on your preferences. I'm pretty hard on my bags too, so I think they're pretty darn durable!
  6. I noticed the leather accents on my Leigh is starting to get scartched up and I'm carefull with it.

    makes me want to stick with NON leather bags. :sad:
  7. I'm very careful with my bags, but I was bummed today when I noticed a scratch on the handle of my leather whiskey Legacy shoulder bag! I have no idea how it got there. It was actually a deeper scratch than just a surface scratch and can't be rubbed out. Darnit! :confused1:
  8. Agreed. I have a pebbled chelsea satchel that wears like iron. Love it.
  9. The Vintage and Buck leathers will scratch the easiest. If you're looking for a bag that doesn't scratch very easily, then you need the peddled leather. It's just the nature of leather, it scratches, the same way your skin does. My LV's and Balenciaga's all scratched just as easily as the Coach leather.
  10. ^^agreed. I mean, its easy to forget, but leather is skin. Personally, I always hate the first few scratches on a leather bag, but once its nice and worn in and it has a nice patina there is nothing better. I like it better than a brand new bag.
  11. it definetely depends on the type of leather on the bag...my leather duffle and soho hobo (from spring 06) don't scratch AT ALL, but some bags i have that are burnished leather scratch like heck. You jsut have to go to the boutique and see which type of leather will and wont show wear as easily.