Just wondering who...

  1. Has AOL AIM?
    I have it and I am on it all the time via my Sidekick...If you have AIM I would love to add you to my buddylist...
    My screen name is louisvuittononly :yahoo:I'm so lonely..LOL!!

    FYI..My personalized License plate came in..I am going to post a picture...It's pure craziness...Only a few more days til the GOLD HOTTNESS comes in!! EEEEEPPPPPPP:wlae:

    But yeah..IM me...I'm at work..bored!! TGIF
  2. Also I'm on MSN LouisVuitton30..Just FYI
  3. i think this should go in the general forum
  4. My msn is bagfetish@gmail.com

    is your LouisVuitton30 @ msn or hotmail.com.. i'll add you
  5. yay someone with AIM! Lol
    i'm still old school with my sidekick 2 so i don't know anyone with Aim my list is empy!!
  6. What's your AOL? I'll add you to my b/l!!:tup:
  7. My AIM is Berlyn077. I'm always on my sk3 too, so IM me :roflmfao:
  8. mine is : LollyVuitton :smile:
  9. Yeah, I added you to my buddy list!!:yahoo:
  10. I am ADDICTED to AIM! I mean it seems like now me and my friends never call each other or anything.. we always communicate through AIM lol!!

    FEE x22 Feel free to talk to me!

  11. What's your AIM screen names
  12. I LOVE aim as well!!! I talk on there just as much as I text. I barely speak to my friends at night now!!!