Just wondering what other brands do you own?

  1. So I missed the Saks sale on the sage Mahala. I'm turning my attention to other brands at this point. I curious if anyone has suggestions for other great bags? I own a few Kooba's, Isabela Fiores' and very old LV's. Since I live here in the sticks of Indiana and do not have Saks down the street I need to shop online. Can someone give me a few brands that I might be interested in? So hard when I cannot see things in real life. I do like bigger bags since I am almost 5'11" and casual styles meaning not really stuctured or career styles. Love hobo's and the of course the Mahala. Not really into black bags either, not sure why. But love dark brown. TIA!! Look forward to hearing any suggestions you might have.
  2. A great bag in my opinion is the gucci horsebit hobo in chocolate brown guccissima leather. I own the medium size but I am only 5'2". You could probably get away with the large size. This bag is never on sale though.
  3. Well....Chloe has some great looking bags if you like straps and locks. Prada also has caught my eye lately. I love the chevron bags with the chain and leather strap. Less expensive, but still kinda edgy is Michael Korrs and I do like Kooba. Oh and Gustto has some great slouchy bags...I have a Baca that I love and the Setella comes in yummy colors! (Gustto.com) To tell you the truth, I don't see anything in the cruise or SS 08 Choo line that I have to have.
    Hope this helps...:love:
  4. I LOVE my Chanels:love::love:
    I have LV too - but the thrill is gone...
  5. i agree with lady chinadoll!;)
  6. I have a Fendi Spy in chocolate... it's a great bag! Very roomy... a bit on the heavy side, but lovely nonetheless!
  7. How does the Baca hang and look in real life? I loved the bag when Halley Berry was photographed carrying it, but on other pictures like on eBay it tends to look like a duffle bag. I don't want to look like I am on my way to the gym.
  8. I love my Bacas! They're awesome. I know they tend to look like duffles in pictures but they hang beautifully. The leather is TDF!
  9. Hi Purseinsanity,
    What colors are good in real life? Isn't there a smaller and larger size? I think a while back I started looking at these and was confused by the sizes so I passed. Thanks!
  10. I have two bacas: one in dark navy (which is only distinguishable from black in very bright sunlight) and a dark wine. Both colors are wonderful! Both of mine are the regular size which I can carry easily on my shoulder. I had read that the large size is sometimes annoying to carry as a shoulderbag...the outer strap slips off. The regular size is large enough, if you ask me. The large starts looking like a duffle, but the regular is perfect!
    I agree that gustto bags are wonderful. In addition to those, I have a regular Setela in espresso (again, great color!) and a cala in charcoal.
    I also really like my grysons, botkier, and I just ordered 2 gerard darel pythons. I hope hope hope they're as great in person as they are in pictures! I have to wait 4 weeks to find out, since they special order them. I'm crossing my fingers. I've also found Cole Haan bags to be great. Really well made with wonderful leather and surprisingly not really expensive at all. Highly recommend them!