Just wondering re Rouge Vif

  1. Here's a dorky question: What does the "vif" in Rouge Vif stand for/mean?
  2. ^great question. I wan to know too. Also wondering about pronunciation.
  3. Me too on the pronunciation! Glad I am not alone.
  4. Vif = bright/loud/lively in french

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong!
  5. I just found a French-English translation site and it gave the definitions you provided, Glimmer. It also said that rose vif=shocking pink. So maybe rouge vif=shocking red.

    Still wondering about the pronunciation. Is it veef? Or vee with a silent f?
  6. The pronounaciation is veef without a silent f and I think shocking red is a good translation.
  7. Thanks, Tanja. Now I won't be embarrassed if someone asks me about the color of my rouge vif, or shocking red, bag!
  8. That's good to know! :amuse:
  9. oh goodie. Thanks for the clarification!!!!

    rouge VEEEEEEEF! heheheheh