just wondering (not to be rude or inappropriate)

  1. How does one get a job as a Coach SA (like what are the requirements)? Is it worth it (i.e., pay, discounts)?

    Sry if these questions are a bit rude or inappropriate for the forum, but I thought I'd at least try to ask. :s :shame: :shrugs: :sweatdrop: :confused1:
  2. I worked at an outlet as a stock person, not an SA, but I loved it. I got to be around gorgeous bags all day, and the discounts were absolutely worth it. It was fun, and the people I worked with were awesome. I miss them a lot!
  3. i was thinking the same thing...i have NO idea how to go about even attempting to get a job at Coach
  4. Ladies, all you have to do is go in and apply. Ask if they have any positions open. It's just like any other job.
  5. They do a background ck....you have to pass it in order to get a job there. One of my friends had a bankruptcy on her credit report and she didn't get hired.
  6. ^ They can't discriminate because of credit. They can run background checks for criminal records, but that's it. I do the background checks for my office and we aren't allowed to even look at their credit.
  7. ^^^^ just FYI, but companies can (and many do) look at someone's credit history as a qualification for hiring (I'm an attorney).
  8. I think they view it as a measure of responsibility. I know the insurance company I work for uses credit as a factor to see how responsible, or irresponsible someone is. They can't actually view someone's credit report to see what's on it, but they use some kind of computer program that will look at it *but a person never sees it* and then the computer assigns the person a score based on what it saw on there. And the number is then used.
  9. I think the responsibility measure is the main reason places do that. It's like if you're not responsible enough to pay your own bills and take care of your own business, what should make them think you're responsible enough to take care of theirs?

    And the last time I was in my Coach store they had a little sign at the counter that said they were hiring......if my school schedule wasn't so crazy I'd do it in a heartbeat.
  10. My SAs keep telling me I should apply. LOL. I already have a FT job, lol.

  11. ITA:yes:

    I work in Banking and we always do a credit check. They do it in Retail for the same reasons as banking, loss protection.
  12. (I'm an attorney).

    Then you should know that what you are suggesting is discriminatory.
  13. My little cousin is an SA at a retail coach store and the pay is $10/hr and benefits include 50% off for up to 8 bags in the first year. Not sure if benefits change as you work longer. You have to meet certain quotas per hour / day. SA's are not commissioned. Hope that helps!
  14. My husband is a manager and he was told he had to look at credit history, in Michigan they also use it with Car Insurance...
  15. Thanks for the responses ladies . . . I may work up enoug h courage to apply for a job at Coach now.;)