Just wondering.....ignore list stuff

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  1. Hi. I was thinking, has it ever been discussed by Management whether to show how many members have you on ignore? Not telling you who finds you unnecessary, but just how many people you rub the wrong way.

    My thinking would be if you saw a large number relative to how many you come in contact with, that you might start to rethink how you participate. You might just become a more considerate poster, and stop alienating so many people.

    If your number suddenly grew, you could think back and maybe pinpoint just what you've done to have people just want to be done with you.

    Sometimes it's good to see ourselves as others do. It was just a thought. At times I want to pull a person aside and say "What are you doing?" But I won't. Something like the 'how many have me on ignore' setting might accomplish that withoug breaking any rules.

    Ok, other than that.....I got nuthin.

    Oh, thank you for this place.
  2. I don't think the number field would display how many lists I'm on. ;)

    I only have one of two on my list and it's not because of what they say, but rather the number and size of images they consistently post. I can easily skip past words I don't agree with. It's much harder to skip past 15 or 20 large, heavy images of the same thing.

  3. Oh I realize it wouldn't give you any info other than how many people ignore you. But perhaps a little self awareness might make some people change what they post, whether words or graphics.

    It was just a thought. Kind of like someone realizing the smell in the elevator is from them. They might do a little self examination and decide to clean up their act. To be honest I have no one on my list. I put someone on, and took them off after half an hour.

    It would be kind of like indisputable feedback. If you learn a lot of people have tuned you out, it might be the insight you need to become less annoying. On the other hand, most people don't care of self examination and the number might mean nothing to them.

    Just wanted to see what others thought about this.
  4. I agree.... So people would know they were a common denominator!
  5. while we are talking wish lists, I wish that when you put someone on your ignore list their posts actually disappear instead of just getting minimized. I gave up on ignoring people because I'm either a) too curious or b) a glutton for punishment, because 99% of the time I'd just click to see what they said anyhow. :amuse:
  6. lol! I tried it once too... same thing happened to me!
  7. me too, LOL! :P

    I am a terrible ignorer.