Just wondering if...

  1. I should apply to be a model.....

    My friends and family and occasional random people say I should.

    You girls, and guys, are always really honest and know your stuff,

    so I'm going to attatch a few pics and ask you if you think i should model...

    I mean some extra money from doing nothing really would be nice i guess...

    argh :sad:

    This is really embarassing!! :push: Honesty is appreciated :p Thanks!

    (Oh and this isnt some ego boosting excercise either. Im actually considering...)
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  2. I can provide some info, because I modeled as a teenager. First of all, are you near a large city? That's where you'll get the best feedback. Since you're a guy, the "ideal" size is 6 feet tall, with a suit size of 40. Your best bet is to go to an "open call" at a large modeling agency and/or send in pictures.

    FYI, don't EVER give an agency money to represent you. Hope this little bit of info helps ...
  3. you kinda remind me of Jake Gyllenhaal..
    just thought i would tell you that lol.
  4. Don't be fooled, it can be quite grueling at times ...
  5. I actually am in love with jake! so that is like the biggest compliment ever!

    I'm 6' 3''.....
  6. That works. Are you near anywhere that you can submit photos?
  7. I don't know the first thing about modeling, but you're a handsome guy. You reminded me of an actor and the name wasn't coming to me--franniegurl got it--Jake G. is who you remind me of. Your eyes might be your best feature.

    Best of luck whatever you decide.
  8. My son (on the right in my avatar) started to do some modeling as a teenager -- 6' tall with super broad shoulders, good facial bones and super low body fat -- but it was truly grueling work. Plus, just like any business, there are sleazy exploiters involved.

    You can make some money, but it is NOT fun or easy money:true:
  9. You look more like Gael Garcia Bernal in your close ups! :yes: It's worth a shot IMO, good luck with your decision!!! :flowers:
  10. Ah! My thoughts exactly! I was JUST about to say it.

    And anything related to Gael Garcia Bernal is always a compliment in my book :yes:

    I'd say go for it, but with the obvious caution.
  11. yeah, be aware of that. i know some models who have come home from photo shoots totally exhausted

    you should totally give it a shot. you most definately do look like jake gyllenhall!:love:
  12. If you truly want to I say go for it! Pretty eyes and great skin!
  13. You should definately do it! You do look like Jake Gyllenhall. Your eyes are so pretty and captivating and when I flip through magazines the first thing I notice is the eyes of both male and female models because they are usually sooo beautiful!

    keep us posted on your progress.
  14. awww. thanks guys!

    I live in a small town, so the modelling im going for probably wouldnt be dolce and gabbana.... :p but, it could be catologues for stores and things.

    Im heading into a modelling agency next week.
  15. Best of luck!!!!!