Just wondering if anyone knows...

  1. Did they discontinue Cinnamon icebreakers gum?:confused1::confused1: I've been looking for it everywhere and cannot find it in stores anymore.:crybaby:It was my favorite gum and it sucks I can't find it anywhere.:crybaby::crybaby: Does anyone know where I can get it from if it hasn't been discontinued??
  2. Maybe they are remaking the packaging, so they took it off the shelves for a little bit?

    I have some on the top of my fridge, maybe ill send it to you! Dont know how good it tastes anymore. =]
  3. I dont know, I hope they didnt discontinue it! It sucks when you find something you liek then those a**h*les discontinue it. Like my Crispy M&M's!:cursing:
  4. You are so cute catherina, Keep looking it will pop up.. or maybe there reinventing the taste and something yummier is coming out. Good luck I hope you find it!!!