just wondering for you ladies.....

  1. what do you gals wear with the colors magenta, turq, and apple green? just curious bc those are some darn bright colors!

    (post pics if you have any please!!!!)

  2. I would wear black or brown with the Magenta and Turq.. Also white with Turq. is pretty.
  3. I wear turq and magenta with black or brown colors, or clothes that have those colors in them. They are much more versatile than you would think. Every time I use them, someone comments on the gorgeous color!
  4. dark blue goes really well with apple green
  5. When I owned Magenta, I wore black with it. Not very imaginative, I know:shame:
  6. i wore my magenta with all black & brown clothes, or with my colourful clothes...
    i'm not too miss matchy, i would grab the nearest and the right size of b bags i need for that day as long as it'll fit the style of my wardrobe, not the colour.
    i like to mix and layer everything, so mostly, my days are colourful :p
  7. I wear my magenta and turquoise with black, greys, whites and really light pinks more rose so it really pops out. I don't like them with browns and because almost all my clothes have these colours magenta and turquoise are really easy to match for me.
  8. I wear white, yellow, blue with turquoise with magenta I wear white or navy blue
  9. Only have apple green, but I wear it with anything. I'm not really one to match clothes and bags - I wear what I wear and grab whichever bag I fancy using that day. I'd probably be the same with turq and magenta too.
  10. ^ITA, I don't own any of these colours (YET!) but I think the Balenciaga colours are so gorgeous that you can pretty much wear anything and the Bag will still look fabulous!! :yes:
  11. I basically wear more subtle colors when I'm using my brighter colored B-bags, so that my bags can make that statement from a mile away KWIM?