just wondering, do you know anyone on here that shows off their FAKE bags as real one

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  1. do you know anyone on here that shows off their fake bags as real ones?

    Or that their real ones seem oddly fake.

    just wondered that after searching on here.
  2. I doubt anyone on this forum would openly display a fake bag.....
  3. I highly doubt it also. Why? You suspect someone? :confused1:
  4. I know that a few people have done it in the past...

    If you know of anyone, please PM Vlad, Megs, or one of the Mods. :yes:
  5. i haven't seen any, but then again i don't frequent every section... i'm sure it's happened before, though. fakes are a no-no here, so i don't understand why anyone would try to pass one off as real. besides, i don't think any fake (high quality or not) could fool the eyes of many of our expert pf members.
  6. Why would anyone do that?:confused1: Am I being stupid?
  7. If you suspect someone displaying fake bags as real, please contact them personally and/or a moderator. Calling out people in public is not something we condone here.

  8. thanks vlad. that is the way it should be handled.
  9. Wow. Who would be so bold and so daring as to do something like that? I mean, I don't doubt it, but I'm just saying, MAN..... that would be some bold stuff!

    ANNOUNCEMENT: Whether you paid 5.00 or 5000.00 only put your REAL babies on display! (The purse freaks among us don't care about price, just style and quality!)

  10. Why would anyone do that unless they have a security issue?
  11. I doubt anyone would knowingly put up pictures of fakes on tPF... unless they purchased something off Ebay and don't know whether it's real or not?? :shrugs:
  12. If anyone has read my past threads, you'll see that I wouldn't know a fake bag if it bit me on the A$$.

    So, no. Haven't noticed any!
  13. I can remember at least three people who did this in the past. They've been all since banned.
  14. ^^ So people DO do this? Wow.

  15. Oh wow... so people really have portrayed their fake bags as real?


    Which bags were they portraying as real? and how many?