Just wondering... Can Coach bags become antiques or high in value?

  1. I love coach alot and I was just wondering if you collect alot of coach bags, Can they become antiquity or be valued much higher. Of course they must be in at least good condition. Just wondering? No, I don't mean the typical rare limited coach bags because they are rare to begin with. But with normal bags that you buy now, will it be worth higher than ever if its in good condition?

    P.s. I wouldn't sell my bags since I love them so dearly. :heart:
  2. I don't know if the bags will increase in value, but I do know that the re-sell is quite good on most bags, especially those styles that are no longer available.
  3. I have TWO older duffles, one in camel leather and one in rugby leather (in navy and cream striped) that was limited edition that I REFUSE to part with b/c I am hoping to pass them down to my daughter one day! :smile:
  4. I don't know about present Coach bags, who knows? Maybe.
    I recently sold some of my old bags from the '90's and they didn't get that much, but a decent amount. They did depreciate in value.
  5. If they sell out in the stores (the green & brown scarf print totes) then they can sell for a lot on eBay. Otherwise, I think they hold their value extremely well as long as they are well cared for.
  6. I don't think they newer bags hold their value to well because of the existance of Coach outlets. I recently sold some vintage Coach bags and didn't get much from them.
  7. The older bags on eBay typically don't sell for a lot. A bag from say 3 years ago that is hard to find, may do well depending on who is looking for it. It just depends. Coach still makes several of the classics so people may be prone to buy a new classic than pay for a used one.