Just wondering...after all the waiting for your Hermes....

  1. was it really worth the wait like you thought it would be?

    I have been waiting and trying to get my hands on a birkin for quite some time and I just wondered...for those of you who waited for your bag...was it worth it? Any regrets? Any changes you'd make?
  2. KB, I was actually thinking of a thread for little things we might wish were different, or what we 'really' think of certain bags/leathers, etc. The only thing I can say about the birkin, IMO, is the size is important number one, and for me, the next will be chevre for a lighter weight! I love the birkin! I do also love the other styles for other reasons though, too! As you know, I'm not one to 'wait' so I can't say anything in regards to that factor..but I do give you lots of credit for patience!
  3. Great thread KB! I am so interested to see how everyone will respond!
  4. Good question! For me, it's utter joy that I'm actually a Birkin owner and the bag is far more beautiful to the eye than I thought it would be, but it's not a perfect bag by all means. It's pretty large for some purposes and quite heavy in Togo.
    It IS really fun to carry, though!!
    Suprisingly, even after getting a Birkin (I guess, the top of the line Hermes,) I still want many other "lesser" styles that are easier to acquire.
    I wouldn't call this bag an everyday bag, yet, as I sometimes have trouble managing it when I have both of my kids (just don't want it to get bumped around.) I'll use my Trim or not-so-soon-to-be-had Plume for that. But when I'm out by myself, I always have it.
    If I ever get another, it will be a Chevre 30 - just for variety.
  5. Good to know! How much lighter is the Kelly than the Birkin? And how does the weight of the 35cm Birkin compare to other designer bags (ie. MJ Blake or Venetia, Chloe Paddington, LV Speedy). Just trying to get a good comparison.:shame:
  6. I'm with Shoes on this one....I'm really not one to wait either. I don't have a Birkin and not sure I'll ever have one if I have to be on a waiting list because just the wait for my Kelly was enough to keep me sleepless for nights!
  7. Jag, A Kelly is a lot lighter than a Birkin, I just weighed my 35 Clemence Birkin and it's 1.3kg, my 32 box Kelly is 800gr.. As far as the Birkin is concerned, I can't compare it with the bags you mention 'cause I don't have them (I had a Venetia but I sold it, but it was pretty heavy) I have a LV Manhattan GM and that's 1.5kg, so it's slightly more than Birkin (but remember that my Birkin is Clemence which is heavier than other H leathers) As for the Speedy, I have a 30 and it's MUCH lighter...it's probably more or less like a Balenciaga...

    It would be interesting if other Birkin owners weighed theirs and then we could compare the weight of the different leathers....:flowers:
  8. Duna, Thanks for weighing your bags, that is SO helpful! I made the mistake of carrying my Manhattan GM to the mall last week and I was so uncomfotable! I'm waiting on a kelly to arrive and I'm thrilled it will be much lighter.
  9. I don't have a Birkin yet but it was love at first sight with my fuschia Kelly.

    Early in the year, and after hearing stories of my friend again and again how she desperately wants a Birkin, I got into Hermès. After looking at pictures of Kellys and Birkins, I knew I wanted a Kelly but really didn't know anything about leathers nor colors.

    Then, when I got my Bearn wallet in February, I decided to pop-by the store again in March to learn more about the bags.

    Cupid struck me in the heart when I saw the fuschia Kelly which just got delivered that same day at the shop. I knew it was for me and I couldn't leave the shop without it. I really love it and more and more each day!
  10. I've wanted a Birkin for over five years, and checked eBay constantly and even made contact with Luxwear. But I just couldn't justify spending so much money on a bag. I finally got my Birkin this year through a private party, and since then, I haven't been able to stop thinking about my next one. A Kelly followed the Birkin very shortly, and I still want other Hermes items. Absolutely nothing else appeals to me now. It's kinda scary, actually.
  11. I can tell you my Kelly was definitely worth the wait. I had wanted a Kelly bag for over 20 years. I have been wearing the perfumes and collecting the scarves for a while. Earlier this year I purchased a wallet and agenda. Shortly after that I decided that I was ready to purchase a bag I spoke to my SA about obtaining a Kelly bag. She spent several hours with me ( over a period of a few days) going over leathers, colors, sizes, etc. until I had narrowed it down to 3 choices. Not long after that ( though it seemed like an eternity) my first choice bag arrived. She called me about an hour before the store was closing on a Friday. I kept trying to get away from the office but my boss kept coming up with new things for me to do. I wanted to kill him. I had to wait until Saturday morning to go to the store. I didn't get a lot of sleep. On Saturday morning I put on one of my best outfits and applied full makeup and used the hair straghtener, I was going to pick my Kelly up in style. When I finally saw the Kelly it was so beautiful and I almost cried when my SA put it in my hands. (Silly, I know) After I bought it I couldn't believe it was mine, I still can't believe it is mine. My SA was so sweet after I bought it too, she gave me a big hug and told me how happy she was to be able to help me.

    Sometimes right before I go to bed I stare at the Kelly and smell the leather. I think waiting so long made it that much more special to me. I would love to add a Plume to my collection but, if I never get another bag I will be happy. My Kelly is perfect.

    P.S. Sorry for the ramble.
  12. dianagrace...that is a very nice story!!
  13. I really loved this story! Guess you are happy?:yes:

    That is how it should be...you should know the bag is it and love it...not even care if there is ever another Hermes dangled in front of you. Love the story!!!!
  14. Diana....what a beautiful story....thank you for sharing with us. And I feel the same way about my Chocolate Kelly (which by the way is sitting on my desk right next to me as I write this...she hasn't been out of my sight all day!) Which bag did you get? Can you post a pic?