Just wondering...about flat irons...

  1. I am just wondering...

    I have a CHI and I honestly love it..it makes my hair really straight it heats up wicked fast and I honestly have no complaints. I have really weird hair..its half straigh and hlaf curly and its really really thick and the CHI works perfect for me.

    Ive been reading the threads on here about GHD and Sedu and how people love them over the CHI and then there are the people who love CHI over all of the others.

    People have said CHI snags their hair or damages it...and I havnt noticed any unusal damage. (if you flat iron and blow dry your hair theres gonna be damage from the heat no matter what).

    So I guess its just a preference when it comes to flat irons?!!!

    Sorry if this is silly..i was just wondering!
  2. anyone?!!
  3. I have a Chi and a GHD. I have baby fine, frizzy hair, with just enough curl to make it fuzzy. LOL While both irons do get my hair pin straight, the Chi has a tendancy to really fry my hair. It gets very dry and brittle, whereas the GHD is more gentle, and I haven't had any real damage to speak of. I use the same heat protectants with both irons. The Chi would also grab and pull some strands of hair, I haven't had that happen with the GHD, either.
  4. it really must be so different with everyone...because it has never grabbed or pulled my hair...maybe because i have really really thick hair?!
  5. I use a Chi at home and at my salon, I have never had a problem with it snagging my hair. I also use the Chi Iron Gaurd to give me some thermal protection. I :heart: my Chi!!
  6. I use CHI and LOVE it...
  7. i wouldn't wish a CHI on my worst enemy. i HATED mine. the biggest waste of $100 EVER. It was so damaging to my hair and it never kept my hair straight for more than 10 minutes - it would poof like crazy.

    my hair is dry, very curly, and the climate i live on is really humid. i can't deal with pansy flat irons. it's possible that people who have naturally oily hair or live in extremely dry climates might not want to throw their CHIs against the wall, but in less-than-perfect conditions, the thing was just terrible. it also made my hair break really, really badly and look really fried even though i'd put layers and layers of heat protectant on it.

    my new hair stylist (that sold me my GHD) said that she thought CHIs were good until she tried a GHD, and now she'll never touch another CHI again.
  8. is the iron guard the stuff in the red spray bottle?!!! i have stuff in a red bottle that i spray before i flat iron and I LOVE it!!!