Just wondering about Barenia leather....

  1. Are bags made anymore entirely of Barenia leather? I know this is a stupid question but were they EVER made entirely of this leather?

    It just seems like it would be a sturdy and yet souple bag that would get a very yummy patina.....I don't know much at all about Barenia and I've only seen it in small pieces on different bags....:flowers:
  2. D, I just LOOOOVE Barenia, they did make whole bags with this leather, I've seen pics of several , but never IRL unfortunately....Actually there has been one on Ebay for quite some time recently, they wanted 15K!:wtf: It was TDF!! I asked my SA about a Birkin in Barenia, and she said in 10 yrs that she's worked for H, she's never seen one....What she did say, is that it's very heavy....I'd love a Barenia/toile combo one day...:graucho:
  3. OOOH YEAH, D.....as in a Toile/Barenia Birkin!!!! I saw a very well manicured lady in SF with one and it was just beautiful! Ever since I've been kind of desiring one for myself and could kick myself in the a** for letting the 28cm toile/barenia HAC go that the Boyz had. Whoever bought that is one lucky girl since it's even harder to find in the HAC style. What a boob I was!
  4. Yes, that HAC was devine, if it had been a 32, I would have seriously thought about it....I never had the courage to buy one 'cause I've always been affraid that the Toile would get dirty and there was nothing to be done, but since I've been on this board I've discovered that it can be cleaned, so it's definately on my list now...!!:wlae:
  5. I believe a couple of months ago there was a seller on ebay selling an authentic 35cm Birkin all in Barenia leather.
  6. I remember that too, but I think it was very expensive, twice what a regular birkins sells for on ebay
  7. they do exist - just terribly hard to obtain these days. they can be ordered but only if you're ultra VIP or the favorite customer of the year, etc, etc. and the wait time (i think) is a bit longer than most.

    what "boyz" are you talking about? the SF boutique or else where? do tell cuz now my interest is peaked.:graucho:

    toile & barenia is a classic - can't go wrong with that combo!
  8. HL.....sorry about that. I call the guys at Luxury-Zurich the Boyz for short....and they had such a lovely little 28cm toile/barenia HAC on their site for the longest time for a great price and I passed on it. Now, of course, after the fact I'm kicking myself up and down the block. It would have made a perfect Spring/Summer bag for a shorty like me....
  9. lol - you are not short! i think i'm only a couple inches taller than you (thus my l:heart: ve for choos & manolos!) call me the stilleto queen.

    awww... i can see why you're giving yourself a hard time. no worries, i'm sure you'll find another one soon.
  10. I kick myself too because I passed on it:sad: Oh well, hopefully something else will show up *crossing fingers*
  11. I was going to say it is very, very heavy
  12. My friend has a vintage Kabana bag in all barenia. I've never seen it but she says it's extremely heavy. :smile:
  13. don't they use this same leather to make their saddles? regardless of weight, it's definitely GORGEOUS!
  14. ^^YUP. Barenia is very special!