Just wonder.....

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  1. Do you use matching wallet with your bag/purse?

    Or matching brand like LV bag and LV wallet?
  2. Nope!

    I have a monogram PTI and thats it.
    I would like to get a framboise wallet for summer.
  3. No....I use coach, DB, fun playful wallets.
    I haven't found a LV wallet yet that I HAD to have. When I do, that'll be it though:love: ...come to think of it, maybe multicolor so it can go with everything!
  4. I have 3 LV wallets that I can match with LV bags...
    Then I have a Fendi wallet that I mismatch with every other bag I own, including Gucci, Chloe, Prada,Kooba and fendi.
    So usually no...
  5. nope, i'm waaaay too lazy to switch my wallets on a weekly or even monthly basis
  6. Nope, doesn't have to 'match' , just co-ordinate.
  7. No. I have a Marc Jacobs zip clutch wallet and my bags are LV.
  8. Oh, no! I pretty much switch bags every day...I switch out wallets about once a month or so.
  9. Just like me but I have some matching sets in my collection.
  10. I have the Porte Tresor in monogram (which I used to death & still ok) & in MC white but for a long time I have been using the Dior double flight wallet with all my bags, so much room for so many cards & everything else
  11. I use my brown signature Soho wallet (Coach) with everything but black bags. I switch to my black wallet for that. I have a few accessories that match bags that I'll use as wallets if I'm carrying that specific bag, but I usually just carry the Soho wallet.