Just won this on ebay!

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  1. Okay I saw this last night at like 1 a.m. and bid on it thinking I probably would not get it, only to wake up this morning and find out I did! :yahoo: I think it's super cute and a pretty good price, but now that I am looking at it I am trying to make sure it is authentic.. the only thing throwing me off is the stitching on the front.. I haven't been into Coach long enough to know if they made this style before. Any ideas? :shrugs: Thanks so much!!!! :tup:

  2. looks like the one I just one .. great price!!
  3. thanks! :tup: Does yours have more stitching on the front though? That is what is throwing me off when I looked at the others. :s
  4. Isn't that the magenta patent mini skinny? Those were just out in the Fall of 2007. Good buy!

  5. lol That is what I thought but then I look at eBay at the other ones and they all have stitching on the front.. to me the one I got looks real, but that stitching is throwing me off.. that is why I was wondering if this is a style that was already made earlier or just a different style. :confused1:
  6. I have it in Mahogony this looks good...the extra stitiching I think you are talking about is just part of the style. You got a wonderful deal.
  7. great pink color!!!!!
  8. Hmm, now I see what you mean. Perhaps it's just the pictures she took? Or maybe it is a different style. I've only been into Coach for the past year, so I'm not sure.
  9. i think it looks good. :tup:
    its just a small detail, probably just a little older than the ones you're seeing.

    p.s. i love how under material, she wrote, "jelly, plastic." lol.
    its patent leather, people! :nogood:
  10. I know, don't you love that! :roflmfao: The whole name and listing was not the best, and it ended at like 4 a.m. my time, so I think all those things worked in my favor. I have always thought about getting a mini skinny but have never broke down and bought one.. I love pink and I'm really excited! :yahoo:
  11. Thanks Everyone! :tup:
    I felt great about it when I bid, but it was so late and this morning I still thought it looked totally authentic, but like I said that stitching in the front was throwing me off!! :yes:
  12. Congrats, love the color!
  13. front does look off.. doesnt look like my ruby one...
  14. if you look at my avatar closely u can see a side way T with thread sewn into the leather.. thats what my ruby has around the coach word as well

    mine looks like that...

    and here is a magenta one with the same T stitching

    maybe another model?

    Please don't hate me but the pull tag is off and the sewing on the corner is different... unless someone else confirm its another model maybe an earlier one i wouldnt buy it.