Just won this bag!!!!!

  1. Nice work - great price!
  2. congrats!
  3. Congrats, you got a nice deal too!
  4. thank you spaceyjacy, tomato and thestarsgarb!!
  5. Congratulations!! What a great deal.
  6. congrats~~~nice bag and really good price ~
  7. Hey congrats!!!! What a great deal!!! Post pics when you get her girl!!
  8. thanks guys!!
  9. wow really great deal! congrats!
  10. Cute bag! Congrats!!
  11. So cute!! Congrats!
  12. that's a gorgeous bag - those are are typically the type of MJ bags I like - soft, slouchy hobos w/suede lining!

    Great Find!:tup:
  13. thanks!! I know it's an older style from the resort 06 line but i love it anyway! i'm new to this eBay thing, so hopefully it comes here ok! if i'm not home do you think they will leave a note saying to pick it up at the post office? or do they just leave it at your front door
  14. It really depends on your delivery man and the way it's sent - if the item is insured, they're really supposed to get a signature, but I've had insured items left between my doors - If they don't need a signature, sometimes they will just leave it, but if a signature is required and no one's home to sign for it, they should leave a slip on your door (or in your mailbox) which will require you to either (1) come to the PO to pick up your package, or (2) sign the slip, leave it for your mailman the next day, and they will redeliver the package on the following day (sometimes if you call the same day that delivery was missed, you can ask them to redeliver the following day, leaving the signed slip for them)