just won this bag but not too sure what it actually is lol

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  1. Congratulations, that is soooo cute!
    I'm glad a tPf member has bought this.

    I think this is a mini flap and that the dimensions were quoted wrong in the listing.
  2. Grats! What an adorable bag!
  3. TCBE! The cutest bag ever
  4. Congratulations on your win, its a very pretty bag, its a baby classic, I have it in the black lambskin with silver HW. Its great for a dinner date as it fits a wallet, mobile, packet of tissue and compact!
  5. Ahh, very cute. It's the baby classic as chanelbaby has mentioned. Congrats!!!!!
  6. The bag is so darling and how perfect for evenings out!
  7. So adorable, congratulations on your baby flap! :nuts:
  8. It's cute but the card doesn't match with its serial number.
  9. wow its really cute, love the color.
  10. ^ i was thinking about the same issue too...the number is totally different!
  11. ooh the colour is so lovely! that baby flap is too cute, congrats!
  12. me too. the number doesn't match the card. and i think the zipper pull inside is different too.
  13. Oh I had seen that. I thought it looked like a miniflap but had the dimensions wrong. CUTE!

  14. yea, this is the first thing I notice too, kinda bugs me....