Just won some Mouse shoes

  1. I finally decided to BIN on eBay some Marc Jacobs mouse shoes. I first saw them back in February but passed on them. Of course, I couldn't stop thinking about them and went on the hunt, but too late. I bit the bullet today and purchased them, at $50 above retail. I can't wait to get them. Here are some pics from the auction:



    I'll post more pics when I get them! Whoo-hoo! :yahoo:
  2. aww i love them !!! is the heel just flat or is it kitten ? :heart:
  3. i want those sooooo bad but can't pay that much for a shoe. they're are just amazingly cute.
  4. These are the cutest shoes!! I bought my mom a pair in white, because she is a mouse FANATIC!!!!!! I think they are a great buy!!
  5. Oh, goodness, I should have never looked at this thread, now I want a pair. They're adorable and whimsical!!
  6. they are the cutest shoes ever! congrats! when you get them fill us in on how comfy they are! i want a pair in white!
  7. They're flats! I'm the queen of flats...pretty much the only kind of shoes that I'll wear.

    I'll definitely fill everyone in on how they feel when I get them!
  8. Congrats, they are adorable!
  9. Oh my gosh, they are sooo cute :love: Congratulations Suli. Do post pictures of you wearing them when you get them
  10. They are SO cute!!!
  11. woohoo!!!! I know you've been wanting them for quite a while. Do let us know when you get them in the mail! I bet they're uber cute. Too bad they don't squeak.
  12. Ahh!!! I love them! Congrats!
    I wanted to get some so very badly, but this shortie couldn't survive in flats...
  13. :roflmfao:
  14. YAY!! Congrats Suli! I remember talking to you about them awhile back and I'm glad you finally got a pair!

    I have the same pair in white and I absolutely love them (even though they're just being admired because they're half a size too big! :cry: ah well, that's what happens when I really want something I guess). Hopefully my feet will magically grow!
  15. jen- you should buy shoe liners. then they'll fit perfectly!

    I recommend some foot cushions, and heavenly heels. That should get rid of the extra space. you could also get cheap liners at a local drugstore.
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