Just won of of Ebay...Classic Bamboo White Gucci!

  1. Look at what I just won off of eBay! It is the white leather version of my all time favorite gucci bag, from the 2004 Cruise collection...love the bamboo handles...

    My friends think I'm insane, I have this same bag in the beige canvas logo and the black canvas logo...I've never been so obsessed with a particular bag as this one...

    What do you think? :yahoo:

    eBay: Gucci Ivory Leather and Bamboo Purse (item 180093634670 end time Mar-08-07 02:37:14 PST)

  2. great bag! Looove the bamboo handles!! congrats!
  3. I love white bag. It is a nice bag for this summer~congrats!!:yahoo:
  4. Thanks to you both...I was looking for the perfect white bag for this summer...I'm in California and the temp is already 91 F & it's only March...I can wear this bag now! Hee hee...
  5. LOVE IT !!!! enjoy
  6. I just love the bamboo...perfect for summer!
  7. I really like that bag, its very pretty! It will be great for the summer..
  8. I think its GORGEOUS!!

  9. Love the bag...I know what's up with this crazy weather.

  10. that IS the perfect white bag, its not TOO white. And I too, think its one of the "greats". Ive always regretted passing it up, and you have three---i dont blame you one bit. Congrats on the auction!!! :nuts:
  11. Congrats!
  12. I think it is great- congrats!
  13. pretty bag! congrats.
  14. WOW...soooooo pretty! :love: PERFECT for spring/summer!! Congrats!! :yahoo:
  15. Very cute! I love the bamboo handles. Congrats!