Just won MJ Blake!

hey monotreme, congrats! i was looking at that yesterday and told my bf that it's a good deal. haha. it's from personalshopper right? i like that seller, she sells great bags. your new bag is very nice. glad you won the bag. enjoy it:amuse:
wickedassin said:
Great bag! I have one in spearmint and I LOVE the purse. It's one bag that I'd actually consider having in multiples... You'll have to tell us the color of the lining.

the lining is a deep pink, almost magenta

nat_attak, yes, personalshopper! i found out about her on this forum :biggrin:

i'm excited!
i ALMOST had the light beige one for about $500, but the Nordstrom woman was a BUTT and "forgot" or something... so i never received that call....:sad:
I had that same bag on my watch list. I was thinking of bidding..but decided the color was too light for me. I'm glad I didn't - boy, I would hate for two people on this forum to be bidding against each other! Congrats!