Just won GBP1k which Luggage/bag should I get?

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  1. How about the galleria?
  2. mon mono get my vote ~ geat choice and reminder of your win!
  3. Thanks yes, might be a vernis :thinking:but I don't like bags that turns colour (honeycomb)
  4. I agree that u should get the mon mono pegase as well !
  5. Hi, Trolley-Dolly, I need you to educate me, what is the galleria? sorry not an expert yet i guess with all the names :blush:
  6. Thanks oonik and congrats to your latest addition in the family, your baby is so cute and adorable in the pic, thanks for the suggestion but surely pegase is way off the winning money, I only have GBP1K to burn
  7. Thanks that's a great suggestion! thanks :biggrin: