Just won GBP1k which Luggage/bag should I get?

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  1. My lucky day, just won GBP1290 on roulette WOW.. I want to spend that money on luggage or a good investment on a bag.

    Been longing for Eole 50 in Mono/Damier any suggestion on other luggage?

    Just bought Wallet/Eva last week btw, should I get a good BIG bag?
  2. yes-get the 50 in damier!
  3. whoa...how about a beautiful limited edition LV?
  4. any suggestion in which bag? i was thinking of mon monogram personalised too but been wanting a big luggage to remind me a big win
  5. I say get a mon monogram speedy or keepall!
  6. Thanks for the suggestion, I'm still torn between both
  7. Thanks I have Mono Keepall in 60 already so was thinking of the personalized Speedy 25 for everyday, if I choose the 25 I still have few cash around GBP500 what should I get?

    But is still thinking strongly of Eole 50 OR Mon personalized speedy 25 + another bag
  8. Go for the Mon speedy!! And maybe a pretty new wallet to match!
  9. thanks, I just bought a new J wallet last week, any other suggestion?
  10. keepall!
  11. thanks lovebeibei, as mentioned before I've got keepall 60 already in my collcetion, any suggestion?
  12. mon mono definitely!or get a vernis like Alma or Brea..
  13. I would definitley get the Mon Mono speedy 25 and then get another bag if you can, like the alma bb (something in vernis would be really cute) If not a bag, then I would go for a pair of sunnies, a bag charm or a scarf, something fun to remind you of your fun win! Good luck and be sure to post what you decide upon!
  14. Woo.. grats on the win! Definitely something Limited Edition..
  15. You can get a Mon Mono Pegase now, too! That would give you personalized AND hard luggage. I definitely love the Mon Mono idea for your big win. Congratulations!

    Here is a pic from the LV website: