Just won blueberry box!!

  1. :yahoo: Just won an ebay auction for a blueberry box! YEEEAHHHH!!!!!!!!! Its my first bbag! Cant wait to get it!
  2. woooooooooooooo-whooooooooooo, congrats, i've got one too & i love it :yahoo:
  3. You will love the color!! It's soooooo beautiful & versatile...& I think it's the best b-bag color ever made :smile: Congratulations!
  4. Congrats! Looooooove Blueberry!
  5. :balloon: :balloon: :balloon: :cutesy: :balloon: :balloon: :balloon:
    congrats on ur first bbag-- love blueberry!
  6. Wonderful!!! Congratulations, very nice bag headed your way. Blueberry is my close second favorite color (after ink). Luscious!
  7. 0o0o0 congrats - blueberry is a GREAT colour!!!! be sure to strike a pose when you get it so we can all drool over it!!! congrats!!!
  8. Congrats - the first is the best and welcome to the addiction!
    (I think this is better than the carmel purse . . .:smile:)
  9. Congratulations on the new bag Msflutter! :yahoo: That is so exciting! I :heart: the blueberry box!! Amazing color.
  10. uh oh, shes crossed over to the dark side!:yahoo:
  11. Congrats MsFlutter!!! You will LOVE that beautiful bag! Great shade of blue, and the box is such a cute style.

    And thus the obsession begins.......hehe. Enjoy the ride!!
  12. WOW!! congrats... blueberry is a lovely colour.
    POST PIC when u get hold of it! :yahoo:
  13. LUCKY GIRL!!!!! congrats!
  14. I had my eye on that one -- it looks gorgeous! Congrats!
  15. Congrats on your blueberry!