Just won an epi speedy on ebay, need help epi girls!

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  1. First, this sucks, and might have a raving thread of its own tomorrow morning, but I got fired for having TPF and Ebay open on my computer. I was watching and epi speedy I was sure was real, was stoked to have it, and one of my co-workers (NOT EVEN A BOSS, OWNER OR ANY ONE IMPORTANT) tells me to 'knock that sh1t off and get back to work'. As you guys would know, I don't lurk here all day, I have work to do , but I chat when its dead in the office and I can. It makes work tollerable.
    N-E-How, he runs like a baby to get an owner and rats me out, not like everyone doesn't know everyone else keeps the internet open on their computers at work, and comes in to tell me it has come to his attention that I am not doing my job, im not getting paid to surf the internet, and that I should 'shape up, or ship out'. So i bid on my item as we were speaking, and turned around to rationally explain the situation, and he said 'just go, ill send your last paycheck to your house'.
    Well. Ok.:rolleyes:

    This sucks, I just paid $400 and some odd dollars for the black epi speedy that I have been pining over, and I have no paycheck to speak of after this week. Which is almost nothing I am sorry to say.:hysteric: .

    So, what do I do? buy the bag and forego rent? or hope the seller has a heart and will believe what has happened to me (because of THAT very auction and a very vindictive employee) and not give me an NPB?

    Plus, it has gold, not silver hardware, when did that start?

    P.S.- I have been drinking, shall this not be coherent, excuse me. I will fix it tomorrow. Thanks for letting me vent ladies.

    Anyhow, take a look, and tell me if it's worth getting kicked out my my apt.

  2. :sad: Sorry to hear that....but at this point isn't the rent more important than the bag....
  3. OMG !!!:sad: I can not belive this!!! I'm very sorry to hear it - I know that you don't need more sad words:crybaby: but be positive - you know that saying : When a door closes another one opens...and everything heappens for a reason - I"m a BIIIIG believer in both of them
    I feel so guilty at work since I spend more time on the Internet that I should....I'm alone in my office and sometimes It's not good for my wallet :sad:
    I'm sending you good vibes and stay strong

    P.S : maybe the LV will make you feel better on the spot but then you will be stressd out about the rent - so my advice would be : pay your rent - find another job and then have fun shopping for another LV :yes:
  4. You got fired for surfing the internet?? I´ve never heard of such a thing. I agree with Lee, the rent is more important, you should maybe try to ask the seller to agree of dissolution of sale.
  5. Oh dear.. I am so sorry to hear that. I personally feel that it wasn't your or your boss's fault to be honest, but the person who bailed on you. Such a bastard! As they say, what goes round, comes round.

    I do have to agree with the other ladies that rent should be your priority now. I am sure if you explain nicely to the seller, he/she would understand.

    Pay the rent, find a better job (with saner people) and then reward yourself for having survived with more LVs!
  6. Oh dear! Sorry to hear about your plight!
    ....but.....I reckon rent is def more important than the bag ..
    I'd rather have a roof over my head than to get evicted with only a bag to cuddle up to!
  7. Bad Karma for whoever ratted you out :cursing:
    I think at this point...rent is more important right now...but if you really really want to bag, perhaps you can ask someone else (parents, friends, etc.) if you could just borrow some money until you find another job...?
    If not...I think you'll have to explain to the seller and let the bag go...:sad:
  8. Aww, so sorry to hear that! That really bites! I do agree with the other ladies though, to pay rent first and explain your situatiom to the seller :yes: You'll find another epi speedy later on! Hope everything works out for you!
  9. Hi guys, thanks for the support. :smile:
    I know what I have to do, but its pretty crappy on 2 counts.
    1: I may be a NPB and get a strike on my 100%record. :yucky:
    2: I REALLY want this bag! I have been researching it like crazy!:sad:

    The only 'upside' is that I really want silver, not gold hardware (although I really would love that bag no matter what! thats just nit-picky), so maybe when I can afford one, I can get the silver.

    This girl and I have VERY similar first and last names, I thought it was a sign! Argh!

    I don't blame my boss as much as I blame my co-worker, who has been actively trying to get me fired for at least a month and a half now. Management even knows that! And he has no reason, exept that he 'just doesn't like me'. Well, I do blame my boss a bit. He is aware of the current work drama and knows there is no reason to fire me. He did it so the other guy wouldn't quit! (he has a license we need. we can't stay open without it! We could just hire someone else with the license who doesn't cause trouble!) As much as I understand, I disagree. the other employee has just been trying so hard to get rid of me, now he has. Great for him.

    This is what I sent the seller. I really hope she understands. It sounds crazy, and like a terrible excuse! I really did have the funds lines up, but I can't do it without sacrificing something more important right now.

    Hi there ------
    I have a serious problem. If you want to call me in person to talk
    about this, I can email you my phone number.

    I have been watching your item for a while now, I think it was
    relisted a few times and it was my lucky day to have finally
    tracked this item down and won it!

    The problem is, i got fired from my job from being on the
    internet. While I was just done bidding on this item! The money I
    was going to use to pay for this absolutely lovely piece of art
    that I have been pining over for months will have to go to pay
    for rent. I know this is the worst thing that could happen
    between a buyer and a seller but I really cannot help this.
    Honestly, I have been trying to get this bag from so long now,
    but, I have to be responsible and keep my apt, or I will be LIVING
    out of that handbag!

    AND, for the record, you ladies:idea: :love: really do have your priorities straight. I know it is fun to obsess and put bags, clothes, shoes and accessories first, but when life comes down to the wire, we don't make stupid decisions. I appreciate your level-headed natures and all the hugs! You have lifted my heavy heart a little!
  10. Not sure if you want to go this route or not, but would it be possible, say, to hold on to your job for maybe another 30 days so you have income coming in while you look for another job? I don't know what state you're in, but in CA you can't get fired on the spot like that to my knowledge. You might be able to appeal to your boss's sane side (if there is one). Then you can keep your apartment and get the bag.
  11. This does not sound right.. Does your employer have an employee manual in place?. If so you may want to take a look at it. Also he has so many hours to produce your paycheck.

    At this point, the bag is secondary to your primary problem of not having an income. Good luck to you
  12. sorry to butt in, esp. since i'm not normally on the LV forum, but i did just want to say that i'm an attorney & most states have "at will" employment laws, meaning that unless you have a contract, you can quit any time and your boss can fire you any time. so, yeah, your boss actually can just fire you on the spot - for any reason or no reason - unless you had a contract. i'm sorry this happened, though :sad:
  13. Wait I just have to clairfy...while your boss was talking to you...you were bidding on the purse!!! if I am understanding that correctly well then yea I would have fired you too :sad: sorry but that is just rude. and I think rent is more important then a bag, don't get me wrong I am just as addicted to bags as the next gal, but I don't like to live in a box :smile:
  14. Oh dear....

    If that ex-co-worker of yours has been trying to get you fired over one reason or another, it would have paid to watch your back more. Being on the internet while talking to your boss seems like giving the dagger to that bastard to stab you with, in my humble opinion. It sucks when the boss thinks that one bad worker is "indispensible " like that, but i believe in karma. Focus on learning your lesson and moving on from here. The real way to fight back is to prove that you can move on from here. Owning the epi is a bonus along that process.

    I guess all of us love purses very much, but not to the extent of letting them control our lives. As they say, we wear the bags, not the other way around. The black epi seems to be a permanent colour, so I am sure you can get it again when you can afford it. Epi colours are always updated, so who knows, maybe you will fall in love with another colour again later.

    Keep your head up and move on. For those who prefer to drown in their back-stabbing-self-obsession-i-think-i-am-indispensible ways, let them be. If they don't want to better themselves, we still move on. And snag a couple of LVs along the way.

    Take control of your life - pay the rent, find a new job and get to know saner people. The LV will come.

  15. I also don't think it was a wise move to turn your back to your boss and place the bid, that just reinforces how you are not working in his eyes and what your priorities are. I'm sure you're working and that co-worker is an a$$, but I would not have bid right then and there, I would have been trying to get in his good graces. You should get auctionsniper and then you dont' have to bid, you just get an email notification if you've been outbid and then you change your amount. I don't have an office job, I'm a sahm but I would be very careful about using the internet and email at work, a lot of offices have low toleration for it, and keeping your job and bosses happy are more important. GL!