Just won a Mandy through BIN but now I need HELP!!

  1. I just bought a Mandy through BIN on eBay but didn't realize payment has to be done via BidPay. I was so excited about the purchase, I didn't read the fine print well enough. I was so concerned about authenticity! Anyway, I have never heard of BidPay & was wondering if any of you have heard of it. Is it legit???!!! Have you used it as a seller/buyer or know anything about it! I'm new to buying online & have ALWAYS been afraid of online fraud...thus, I'm skeptical of this....something I don't know anything about. PayPal is all I know. Please please please tell me what you know; good or bad. Thank you!
  2. Yes, BidPay is legit and I have used it as both a buyer and seller. Some sellers have had problems with Paypal and so they offer BidPay as a Paypal alternative. In addition, Paypal doesn't offer any seller protection for unconfirmed addresses or international transactions so people also use BidPay for that reason. You can safely register and pay via BidPay without any concerns. :tup:

    BTW, congrats on the Mandy!!
  3. Yes, Bidpay is legit, but when you pay with a credit card it will have to be approved. So it will take a few days. Be aware of this. I used Bidpay for the 1st time last week. I bought a Coach purse and paid with them. I just got my card approved on Monday. So it took like 5 days! That is a pain when wainting your bag in a hurry. Hopefully, it was just because I was new to Bidpay and next time will be a little faster. Congrats on your Mandy.
  4. Thank you Mokoni & New2Coach for your help!! I wasn't sure & wanted TO BE sure! Can't wait for my Mandy to arrive!! :yahoo:
  5. I was watching that bag - waiting for the seller to answer my asqs about cigarette odors and about where she got it. You must have clicked BIN just as her answers came back to me!

    Nice bag. Congrats!
  6. It might have been a blessing in disguise! You know I had reservations about it afterwards b/c of BidPay. Well, this evening I got home to find out that the transaction didn't go through!!! Not b/c of me but b/c of the Seller!!!!!!! I didn't know that at first! It wasn't until I contacted BidPay's customer service rep. & talked with a rep. over there that I found this out. She said it didn't complete b/c it had something to do w/the seller. She couldn't divulge any other information to me. She said I need to contact the seller if I still wanted to pursue this. Almost ensenuating that they were done working w/the seller.

    At the end of our conversation, I asked her "I know you can't divulge any information to me, but w/o divulging anything & in your honest opinion, should I pursue this?" She said "NO." Plain & simple. Just like that w/o any hesitations or buts. I wonder why? What does she know that I don't?

    Well, I send the seller an email trying to find out WTF (but in a nice way, just in case). The reply back to me was that it is still pending.

    No it isn't. Not according to BidPay.

    Well, here's the actual reply I received from Seller...."It will be pending for at least 24 hours. That is how BidPay always works. It takes that long for the payments to clear. You can always pay through paypal if there is a problem. send your paypal payment to : (his AOL acct.#)"

    Now why is the seller offering paypal now, when it wasn't offered in the first place? And if I paid w/paypal now, would I potentially be paying for the bag twice? And why did seller say to send the payment to their aol acct.? Doesn't paypal automatically have seller's info. if they set it up right? Oh, I'm so confused!
  7. Yeah, something does'nt sound right. If you do decide to pay through paypal make sure its with your credit card so you will be covered! Good luck-there are lots of mandys & good sellers out there so you should be able to find one!