Just won a legacy stripe french wallet on ebay!

  1. I also posted this in most recent purchases, but I am so excited I had to post it again, sorry if you've seen it twice!

    I just bought the Legacy Stripe French Wallet on eBay! I have never spent this much on eBay, and I am kind of scared even though I think I got an awesome deal: $150! But, I am still kind of freaking out. Please tell me they are not faking the stripe yet. It looks really good and the seller has good feedback, but I need reassurance! Where are the enablers? Help!

    auction link: eBay: Coach Legacy Leather Stripe French Wallet -Authentic (item 170072867526 end time Jan-20-07 18:17:38 PST)
    legacy wallet.jpg
  2. I don't have enough experience with the legacy line to tell if it is faked or not....but don't put anything past the makers of fakes (they are quick!)

    I do hope it is real beause that was a good deal that you got!
  3. LOL!
    We DO think alike because I messaged that seller, came back a few mins. later, and it was GONE!
    Great buy! :yes:
  4. Ooooh! I love this and want one too!!!! Are they totally sold out in all stores? What was retail cost? Lucky, I can't wait to find one!!!!
  5. handbglvr- Oh wow, if you are 23 I am asking my mom about my twin sister. I jumped on that wallet as soon as I saw it. I was iffy but I knew that it would be gone FAST and I would kick myself for not getting it.
  6. They have been off the website for quite some time and I doubt if there are many, if any, left in stores. I think retail was $188 but they are going for $250-$415 on eBay, except my little steal, of course!!!
  7. i_heart_coach
    Nope. I'm gonna be 32 on Thursday!:wtf:
    That makes us "bag sisters"! LOL!:drinks:
  8. congrats! :yahoo: I have always loved that wallet, but wouldn't have a use for it!
  9. handbglvr, Sounds better than bag ladies, lol! My parents kid me all the time that I may be homeless one day but at least I will have lots of clothes, handbags, and shoes:p . I keep telling them there are worse things to spend money on...

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! The shoulder bag and wristlet will be wonderful presents! Until I get a legacy bag I will live vicariously through you, my bag sister.
  10. I used to think I had to have a checkbook wallet but since the nifty debit card creation I have minimized. I am trying to sell my kate spade cyril checkbook wallet on ebay that I have never used to justify the new purchase. I have another coach wallet that I am using now, but I just couldn't deny how good this one will look in my legacy stripe top handle pouch!
  11. Thanks, i_heart!
    I tell my hubby that we only live once! A girl can never have too many bags!
  12. You are absolutely correct:yes: !
  13. There is a newly listed one, FYI!
    Ebay item #

    Wonder how high THIS one will go???:wtf:
  14. 4 hours into the auction and its $86 and the first bid was $12!
    Looks like they won't get as good a deal as I got. I wonder if my seller has a little remorse for doing a buy it now auction? Hope not, cause I'm SO glad they did!
  15. And you paid below retail! Great deal!
    I have a feeling this one will go high...6 days left!