Just won a Bronze Vernis Broome wallet!!


I made it!
Jan 3, 2006
Well I did it! I just bought the Bronze Vernis Broome wallet. I'm so excited to get it! I purchased it from a legit seller on eBay, at a very reasonable price of $220 (wallet+shipping+insurance). The auction was an "Immediate payment required" Buy-it-Now, so when I went to pay, the PayPal menu said I also had to pay TAX! I was so mad! The seller didn't disclose anything about paying tax on the item. So I e-mailed her, and she just sent me a money request, which I payed. It should be here on Thursday! Yippee! Bronze was always my favorite color Vernis! :love: :lol: :amuse: I'll post my own photo's on this thread when I get it. ^_^