Just "won" a baby stam on eBay

  1. Hi all!

    I just won a baby Stam in Taupe on eBay. I posted an authenticity question about it a few days ago, and I think the results were unclear. I made the jump because a) the seller has 100% feedback and I looked at her selling record and someone responded positively to her selling an "authentic" MJ bag; b) the seller accepts returns; c) it came out to be $299 which is a steal; and d) it looks like it was either a Fall or Spring bag since it had the sueded interior.

    Here is the link to the auction: eBay: ~AUTHENTIC MARC JACOBS CHESTNUT BROWN HANDBAG~ (item 120012808151 end time Jul-30-06 16:38:20 PDT)

    I believe thithi pointed out another auction that had the same bag, that was authentic: eBay: AUTH MARC JACOBS CHOC BROWN STAM HANDBAG (item 170007455583 end time Jul-17-06 18:00:00 PDT)

    I compared the pictures for days on end, and for some reason, I really think that they are the EXACT same bag (note the plastic hangtag remnant on the right brass loop on both pictures when the bag is wide open)! I had asked the seller of the auction I won where she got the bag from and she said it was from another eBay auction. I don't think the pictures were stolen, since they look different, but I do think that they are the same exact bag.

    In any case, I will post my own pictures when I get it and hope that everyone can help me determine if it is REALLY authentic. I am hopeful that it is, but there is still a nagging sense of maybe I was had.
  2. what a great deal! it's soooooo cute!
  3. Congratulations Suli! :yahoo: Happy you got the bag you wanted. I hope if turns out to be auth. but since you already checked the seller out, it should be!
  4. Wow that really IS a great steal! Fingers crossed the bag is equally great when you receive it!
  5. :yes: Yippie! Lookin' pretty good, SuLi...plus, you really did your homework. A super steal at $299.00. Methinks it's quite possibly genuine...just has that MJ shape about it. Do tell when it arrives...
  6. Same exact bag? That is too funny... why did she end up selling it again? But it's a gorgeous bag, wonderful color. Congratulations! Show us some pics when you get it!
  7. good for you. You can always get it authenticated and return it if its not since her auction states so.
  8. SuLi, we're all crossing our fingers for you. =)
    You girls are so good with deals, I'm sooo jealous but happy for you. =)
  9. Thanks everyone!

    As soon as I get it, I will try to post detailed pics. I know I can count on all of you to give me an honest opinion.
  10. Such a deal! Let us know soon-
  11. Don't you just hate waiting for things to arrive?

    I'm waiting impatiently for the little stam to arrive (and part of it is still nerves over whether it is truly authentic). If the bag gods are on my side, it will arrive tonight, but more likely tomorrow. Sigh.

    By the way, do you guys think that Marc Jacobs stores will be able to "authenticate" an item through pictures? We don't have MJ in DC, and I'm almost certain that SAs at Neiman or Saks won't really know since the expertise is so varied, especially because the little stam looks like it was from Fall 05?
  12. Congrats on the back SuLi! Can't wait to see pictures!
  13. Thanks for the support!

    I just tracked it, and it looks like it was delivered at home!!! :yahoo: :wlae:

    Hopefully, it's actually there and I will be able to post pictures later!
  14. maybe you can just bring it to NM and compare it to the ones they have? I dont think MJ will authenticate it over email, but im not positive. Goodluck and my fingers are crossed for you!!
  15. Nice deal. Sounds real to me if not return that sucker. I lvoe ebay some times i've gotten some amazing deals you just have to be careful. Congrats!!