Just when you tought you seen it all!!

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  1. I usually have a keen eye for fakes- but I guess not keen enough. Its when you go to catalog something that you inadvertently discover a roach amongst your most prized authentic Hermes Collection. This roach will be promptly discarded in the trash can. Lesson learned- never let your guard down when purchasing anything from anyone especially ebay!!

    How can anyone mess with a heart??:heart::crybaby:

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  2. I don't see it. What is it about it that makes it a fake? Is it the size?
    It looks like a fingerprint on it so it makes it a little bit hard to see.
  3. I'm struggling to see the differences too
  4. Sorry you got a fake :crybaby: (as someone who recently bought a fake bag from Ebay, I can sympathise so big cyber hugs).

    Once bitten...I'll be spending my money in the Hermes shop rather than on Ebay from now on.
  5. Wow, the differences are VERY subtle!
  6. OMG ! Never saw such a gross fake... It is just pathetic. Why are people making those ? I hope you did not pay too much for that crap.....:tdown:
  7. Still can't see it :smile:
  8. I mean it is easy to see it when you compare to the real one.... But not so easy when you see it alone...OF COURSE...I undertand that you got caught.
  9. i don't see how it's a fake but sorry you got burned
  10. So sorry Amamxr. It is so disappointing to find that you've purchased a fake . . . and so many of us have done it!!
  11. Oh No! I gotta go home and look at my heart cadena closely now...I got it from eBay! This is sooo sad!
  12. Wow, poor you, I am sorry. I wouldn't have spotted those differences without something to compare it too.....
  13. I'm sorry you bought a fake! You really can't let your guard down about ANYTHING when it comes to ebay.
  14. :wtf: I'd be fooled too! I just saw this heart cadena on ebay and was tempted to bid too. Sorry you got a fake. :sad:
  15. Yikes, I hope you didn't purchase the cadena from someone we tPF'ers would consider a "reputable reseller."