Just when you thought you heard everything

  1. I had a wii item for sale on eBay ending last night. So I check and see its sold so I'm happy, right? Then I check my messages and the buyer askes me "since I'm only 25 miles away, can I stop over to pick it up, I'll pay cash?". Now its 10:30 pm and on top of it I'm supposed to give this person my home address. So I say, no I cannot do that but I will meet you w/my husband tomorrow at the nearby mall if you'd like. My husband doesn't really even like to do that but I did do it one time in the past. He/she writes back "well I really needed it as its my childs birthday tomorrow". Again, I said no and told her I would ship it out priority so they would have it asap. Surprise, never got a reply since last night. So now I guess I have to wait the 7 days before I can put in claim for nonpayment, sit on this item for 1 week without selling. BYW, this person has zero feedback but has been an eBay member for 4 years. They should of asked before they even bidded!
  2. Oh, how lousy - this is extraordinary. You have done exactly the right thing - I think that pick ups are fine in public places and pre-negotiated but never unsolicited and intrusive in your private life. I am really sorry you have to go through the pain of relisting etc though - this is when eBay sucks. . .Hope it is as smooth for you as possible in recouping your time and effort.
  3. That is super creepy! You did the right thing. Better safe and wait a week to reclaim your money then end up on the front cover of your local newspaper.
  4. People are scary!

    Did he think that you were going to give your home address to him (a stranger) to come over to?!?! At 10pm on top of that?!! Cuckoo! Who knows, maybe even Psycho!

    One time I sold something on ebay and the buyer happened to be in the city I was in. It was a heavy sculpture and my friends and I met the buyer at the mall. But i still pulled some crazy driving going home because I was all paranoid!
  5. They should have negotiated with you BEFORE bidding if they could pick up the item!
    I would e-mail them again and make it clear that if they don't pay for the item immediately with shipping, then you are going to file a complaint with e-bay
  6. How rude and inconsiderate! I just don't understand what some people are thinking. Don't blame you for being upset. You absolutely did the right and safe thing.
  7. Just checked my email and ebay account and no messages. The birthday party for her child must be over and maybe she doesn't even want now. I would be surprised if she even replies but you never know. Yes, very strange indeed. I haven't even told my husband this one yet
  8. You did the right thing by saying, "No.". That sounds like a crock of crap to me!! People are freaks!
  9. :yes::yes::yes: Why he kept asking to go to your home?? Even at 10pm?? Don't do it! He never asked you before auction ended so you're not obligate to do it.
  10. You did the right thing, no way would I have a stranger come to my home to pick up an item & definitely weird 4 years & no feedback. Did you check his bidding history?
  11. You did the right thing by saying no. I sometimes sell larger items on Craig's List, and people have to come to your house to look and the item and buy it, and I've always felt a little uncomfortable doing this. I always make sure my husband is home.

    Well, I'm sure someone else will want your wii! In fact, I'm thinking I might want one myself!
  12. I am so glad that you wisely told them no. If they were legit they would never have inconvienced you so much. I have picked up an item before and it was in a business and during the day. Also this was all ok'd before we bid.
  13. Super creepy. This sounds like it could be the plot to a Law and Order Episode... ebay seller gives buyer home address..... Glad you made the right decision.
  14. OMG I had someone do that to me and I was like :wtf:

    It was sooo scarey!!! And they kept on harrassing me about it, but they eventually stopped :rolleyes:
  15. Just emailed them through ebay mail and reminded them payment due. Also mentioned that if they did not want item we could mutually agree to cancel transaction. Live and learn I guess. Thats funny (not) how it happened to you too cuti0021. At least I'm not being harrassed. Lots of weirdos out there :smile: