Just when you thought you had everything.............

  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Diamond studded Mercades!!


    yes some may say it's too much but I don't care it's GORGEOUS LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

    oh and a bargain at $4.8 million (joking)
    diamond_covered_mercedes_sl_.jpg diamond_covered_mercedes_sl.jpg
  2. So if someone stole that car, it'd be Grand, Grand GRAND Theft Auto!
  3. I NEED that car!!!!!:yes:
  4. WOW.
    That is so pretty.I would be afraid to drive it, though. Why am worrying about that? I can't even afford to look at it.
  5. ummm... not blingy enough for me , sorry ;)!
  6. Glad you guys like my car! I love it too! HAHAHA...just kidding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is just.....crazy...lol. Thanks for posting!
  7. Holy crap. How fabulous it that!:nuts:
  8. No way...why would anyone want to drive that around? That's crazy!
  9. Hey I should be driving/owning that car...... It has my name:graucho:
  10. i like it! its so shiney :nuts:
  11. I prefer an emerald-studded Mercedes myself.
  12. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  13. I was at Saks on Friday, and the SA at the cosmetic counter told me that the Juicy body powder is made with real crushed pearls and diamonds. Totally crazy! How would crushed diamonds improve my skin? I feel the same way about this car, how does this improve my driving experience? It does look very pretty sitting there though :p
  14. I would totally be afraid to take that out for a cruise! can you just imagine all of the people staring as you drive by, not paying attention, and then running into you!
  15. Holy crap :wtf: