Just when I thought the new Marc Jacobs season couldn't get any better

  1. I fall in love with this Marshall bag, it's gorgeous IMO.
    It's $895. I'm relatively new to MJ bags, do you think this one could go on sale?


  2. This is so pretty!! and HOT! I think it may go on sale, provided that a dept store is carrying it... some styles and colors are only found at the boutique.
  3. I love this Marshall bag, too!
  4. Very cute! I love the little pushlock!
  5. Love!!
  6. It's so pretty!!!
  7. Very nice!!
  8. Purty!
  9. That's a nice looking bag! Did you see it online someone or IRL??
    I wonder if it's big, like a tote bag or more of a square shaped shoulder bag.

    the leather looks really soft and I like the padlock on the front zipper -
    Great bag!
  10. It's really nice, great colour and shape and the little pushlocks are just too cute, but I don't think it's very big, according to MJ its 14x10x0.5. I was hoping it'd be as big as the Stella. :sad:
  11. I love the color and the pushlock is adorable! I wonder how big it is?
  12. the color is hot!
  13. Nice bag. It looks like it would be really practical, too. It would be nice if it was a decent size. That leather on those bags is really nice.
  14. I love it! This line is made of the lightest leather.
  15. I like it, it looks like a great everyday bag! It'll very likely go on sale, since it seems like the only excluded items are classics (like the black blake, etc).