Just when i thought it was too (S)late. REVEAL

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  1. #1 Sep 25, 2012
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2012
    So I got my gathered Lindsey and wallets and I was cool. But my EBay luck continued. I caved the night before and contacted a seller on EBay who keeps listing one. We came to a price and but the next day she hadn't invoiced me yet. I did a slate Laila search to see if she had decided to re list after all. Well 1 popped up from another seller. As I read the description it mentioned a slight coffee accident involving the bag. I immediately remembered hearing the story on TPF. A few messages and pictures later and she was mine.

  2. BootFUL!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Gorgeous!!
  4. GORGEOUS!!!! So jealous (you know) Love love love this! Congrats! Love the title by the way!
  5. Omg!!!! u finally, finally have her!!! i am soooo happy for u. so, i guess u have to edit ur signature now, huh?!!! ha! ha! enjoy...
  6. Girl I'm jealous!!!! I need a slate Laila!!!! I saw that listing but the coffee scared me. Glad it went to a TPF'r (time to change your signature line!) :woohoo:
  7. Thanks chick!! Waiting pays off

    Thank you! It really is

    Girl if I see 1 I will be on it for you guys.

    I DID!! I DID!! Thank you

    It scared me too but she was great with sending more pics and describing. I know its there but I don't think anyone else will notice.
  8. Hmmm I had gathered Lindsey and Slate Laila in my signature....what to put there now? LOL
  9. LOVE HER! Congrats!
  10. Congrats on getting a gorgeous bag.
  11. Gorgeous bag! Congrats on finally being able to cross it off your want list!
  12. Congrats on getting your Slate Laila! I love the color on this! Enjoy!
  13. One beautiful bag!
  14. Congratulations on finally getting your slate Laila. Looks beautiful.
    I know you have been looking for a while.
  15. What a keeper! Gorgeous bag....I think gray is my fav color in bags. Neutral but not the same old black.