Just When I Thought It Was Over...

  1. with all the cc melting more bags that I want, does anyone know the prices of any of these lv beauties?
    Spring 2007.jpg Spring 2007 3.jpg Sppring 2007 4.jpg
  2. not all at once now...
  3. These are from the S/S 2007 runway show...so no prices yet ;)
  4. Not published yet
  5. They might not even make it to production. Time will tell. = )
  6. one can only dream...
  7. I love the last one! That is pretty!
  8. spensive I spect...

    mega mucho de'nero

    **I'm wide awake and trying to avoid EBAY**:wtf:
  9. Those are nice bags.
  10. this looks cute [​IMG]
  11. ^ This is my fave! :drool: