Just when I thought I was over Mulberry... Help sought!

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  1. So I was shopping yesterday and popped by the St Christophers Place store. Definitely didn't plan on buying anything, nothing has really grabbed me this season and I've been playing with the idea of a Chanel 2.55 so I thought I'd just browse (and start saving!!). Plans were thwarted as I came across a Somerset Drawstring bag in Oak - Love at first sight! (I am relatively new to Mulberry and had somehow had never come across it?)

    So I had a little play and it's perfect - almost. I was slightly concerned about the drawstring as it didn't look very robust, especially with the leather quality these days, and also because I like the look of the bag when the string is pulled in fairly tight.

    Anyone with this bag care to share their experience? I would be using it as a day-to-day bag and it would have to withstand overcrowded Tube trains, people brushing past and general London dirt/grime/weather!

    How much babying does Oak require? I'm pretty good at this already as I tend to go for light coloured bags, but then I don't use them everyday...

    Also, do the classics ever crop up in the outlets?

    As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts!
  2. Hi Missh, I have no experience of the bag you mention but I have had experience of 3 oak Mulberry bags - and although Oak works for many people, it doesn't work for me - rainspots were evident on my bags even when Collonilling them, and if I had the dedication to wear an oak bag in to give it the beautiful patina that oak bags get over long periods of use then I'm sure I'd have some pretty nice looking oak bags.

    But I like my bags to look perfect so oak doesn't work for me.

    Yes classics do pop up at the outlets, always worth trying giving them a call regularly to see.

    Good luck with your search.
  3. I definitely baby my Oak Bays more than the Black. I have an envirosax for the Oak now so it makes me less nervous about changing weather during the day!
  4. I don't own any Oak although I plan on buying an oak Mitzy but I must say I have just got my HG bag of all time a Chanel Jumbo & it really is worth saving for, I only got her Friday & I used her yesterday for the first time & I have never had so many people look at my bag & one girl even came up & said OMG I love your bag & want it.....that made me feel so good....so keep saving for your Chanel as they go up so much & there due to go up in November.
  5. Thanks for all your advice! Maybe I'll hold off for now... Or wait until Oct when I'll be passing through Heathrow! The drawstring still concerns me, just afraid it'll snap with wear and tear...

    DesignerDiva - thanks for the insider info! I actually popped by Chanel on Friday too! I'll be doing my first Chanel reveal later :smile: I saw a bag in there, 2.55 black patent and it was TDF and I just know now that I must have one in my life!
  6. I have an oak Bayswater which is meant to need even more baby-ing than the other bags in oak, and i can report that it is fine so far. I've had the bag three months, used it most days and have Collonil-ed it three or four times. This week the unthinkable happened and I was stuck in a dreadful rainstorm with it. If I'd been wearing a coat I would have taken it off and covered my bays, as it was it took a soaking. there were some dark patches in two areas but they disappeared overnight, after which i gave it a polish and more Collonil and swore to always carry an umbrella! Am now considering oak Alexa. It's a beautiful versatile colour and works well all year round.
  7. You will be fine with this oak bag (somerset drawstring) as the leather is not the type that marks in the rain like Darwin or NVT. It will also be under warranty for 12 month is the drawstring breaks. I love this bag too in the oak.
  8. Heeheeee, we never quite get over another Mulberry bag. Would be great if you can get one at the airport :tup: I have an Oak Mitzy and use it in the rain all the time, it goes abit darker when wet and then dries out perfectly - a no worrys bag ............ now whats this about a Chanel reveal :graucho:
  9. Sorry this has taken a while! Just a small reveal, for now! http://forum.purseblog.com/chanel/a-birthday-reveal-705590.html