Just when I thought I was done with Keychains/Charms

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  1. Out of the last 30 I mailed on Monday, about 20 came back for postage due...don't ask me why after mailing 700 of them, there were problems with the last batch....who knows. Anyway, I am readdressing them this weekend and will get them back in the mail monday....if you haven't got yours hang tight it might be in that batch.

    I have almost 100 'backorders' now, so I am going to e-mail details for payment this weekend, as well. It will take about 2-3 weeks for those orders to be made and filled and this is it for awhile.

    I really need a break!!

    TPF Keychain/charm count todate 706!!

    So this is it, last call for at least 3-4 months...e-mail me asap, twinkle.tink@yahoo.com
  2. I still want one!! They look amazing from the pictures.
  3. That's why I am doing one last batch for all the people who I had on 'backorder'. You should have got an e-mail from me with payment instructions, if not I apologize...please just e-mail me again :smile:
  4. I love mine, thanks do much for doing this :flowers: :flowers:
  5. I must thank you again, it's so nice of you to do this for us! I'm really looking forward to getting mine, but take your time. We can wait a few extra weeks. Thanks again. :woohoo:
  6. Twinkle-

    Anything I can do to help?
  7. ^^^Thanks, just gotta address, address, address...thanks for the offer tho :smile:
  8. bump
  9. Twinkle,

    Your hand must be ready to fall off with all of that addressing. I was especially surprised to see that mine was handwritten!

    You're really doing great things, Mary!
  10. thanks twinkle.tink, you're amazing!!
  11. Eek! :drool: I want one of those! Can you ship international? :smile:
  12. Yep...we are world wide :smile: Send me an e-mail for the details!
  13. Twinkle Fairy Dust Inc is international!!

    LOL TWinkle you should use that as your company name for TPF related stuff!!!
  14. That's cute, I would only change to:

    Twinkle Pixie Dust Inc.... I think I will have to start using that as my return address!

    My tag does say pixie duster...lol!
  15. ^ Oh yes that does sound better =)