Just when I thought I picked out the pair I wanted for spring...

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Which shoe?

  1. Pink mount street

  2. Fortuna

  3. Black no prive (with diff coloured heel)

  4. Something else, I don't like any of those!

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  1. #1 Jan 20, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2009
    I find a new pair I love! I decided to limit myself to only ONE pair of spring shoes to pre-order... Please help me decide? I don't have a lot of shoes or Louboutins.. black decolletes, dk red triclos, and pewter new simples.

    1. Petal/Flower sandal in pink. My original choice until I saw the next choices. They are BEAUTIFUL but my only gripe is that they would be impractical as they're not exactly versatile and they would get TRASHED!


    2. Fortuna in.. some color. I don't have a 'go to' dressy/fancy strappy sandal yet and this would be great with cocktail dresses or dressy occasions.


    3. No Prive in black jazz/burgundy heel or black jazz/gold heel. These are more basic and they're a classic, so unlike the other two, they're less likely to go on sale. I don't have any no prive or very prive, and I like how there's a different coloured heel to make it more unique. I also don't have any slingbacks either. I couldn't find a pic, sorry! Just imagine no prives with a burgundy heel.
  2. I personally would wait for the Mount St. to go on sale, and don't have much interest in the other styles.
  3. I love the Mount Street - they're beautiful! I'd get those if I had to limit myself to one spring pair. NPs are more practical, but they will be always be there.
  4. So the petal is called Mount St? I'm with Laureen, I'd go for those but wait for them to go on sale. (I really really hope they do, I'm just waiting for that shoe to go on sale! :sweatdrop: )
  5. ^^ I don't know if they'd go on sale.. I'm a size 36!
  6. I love the Mount Street the best :smile:

    I'm also waiting for it to go on sale
  7. I think the Petals are a beautiful shoe, but I would ask yourself how often you will wear them? THey arent really work shoes, so do you go out enough to wear them a good amount to make them worth the price? Me, for instance, when I do go out its usually to the theater or out to dinner and I wouldnt necessarily wear them, but if you go out to clubs, fancy events, parties, etc. and would get a lot of use out of them, I would buy the petals since they are only seasonal. I love the NPs personally! ;)
  8. It all depends what else you have in your collection. But, because you said that you need a "Go To" sandal I would say Fortuna. Make a list of types of shoes you need and don't succomb to any other shoes (except in an extreme emergency - SALES) until you have what's on it.

    Otherwise - I would pick a VP/NP. I like the idea of the contrasting heel, but that particular one can be difficult to wear depending on your wardrobe. It would be much easier if the heel were a metallic - Gold/Silver/Bronze.
  9. I absolutely love the pink Mount Street:love:. I would love to get a pair for myself, but I have not found the pink ones available for pre-order in my size
  10. While I love the flower sandal (very Carrie Bradshaw!), my practical side voted for the NP with burgundy tip and heel.
  11. NP, then Fortuna.
  12. I said Fortuna because your other CL's are ones that can be more pratical (dressed up or down). Second choice would be NP's since with a different color heel and toe they can be great for special nights. They are always available thought.

    You also could go ahead and get the NP's and see if the Fortunas go on sale.
  13. ITA- Though the Mount Street is gorgeous, I would not pay so much for something you think is impractical and would get trashed, and I am not a fan of the Fortuna or the NP with contrasting heel.

    I vote to get something else, but ultimately, it's up to you :smile:
  14. I vote NP. I think the other two will make it to sale and be more reasonably priced before long.