Just when I said its time to stop after Red 09C...

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  1. I got a great deal for the New Beige 09C Jumbo Caviar.
    2k for a bag which is 2800 after taxes.

    I saw it whilst buying the Red 09C, but thought, I better stop. I guess with such a good deal, who can resist right?

    Do you like it as much as I do? Its a nude colour. Very classy and can go with anything I reckon.
  2. You bought it from a department store for 2K??
  3. LOVE IT. The one with gold hw right? Im in love with it. very classicly pretty
  4. wow congrats, how did you get it for 2k!?!
  5. Not from a department store.
    I know someone who has ALOT of Giftcards and sold this brand new beauty to me for 2k.

    Yes, it is with gold hardware.

    It should reach me in a week or 10 days. Will post pics when I receive it!
  6. Well, that's a good deal, but only if you really loved the bag, KWIM, because 2k is still 2k! :P It's really pretty and you did great!! :smile: I have the "old" beige and older light beige from '05 (it's really cream), and both work well for me, so I passed this new light beige by! :smile:
  7. WOW, what a great deal if its brand new! I bought the new beige and the shade exceeded my expectations IRL. Such a soft peachy neutral beige. The GHW really compliments this color. Congrats!
  8. Yes indeed brand new!:smile:
    Yes I like it too. Very classy colour esp with gold hardware makes it rich and colour pop:smile:
  9. LOL! Minal you are right. 2k is still 2k.
    I love the bag.
    As I mentioned, saw it whilst purchasing the Red 09C.
    Couldn't spend another 2800 for a bag!
    But when I came across this deal, too good to let it go!:smile:
  10. ^Haha! :P I kept telling myself that today when I was tempted to get the navy caviar Jumbo... even with a GC, it would have been 2K! :sweatdrop: Plus, I'm holding out for what I hope is my dream bright blue from Spring Act 1. :smile: I'm so glad you got it for a great deal... your friend really hooked you up!! :nuts: :smile: Enjoy it!! :love:
  11. Thanks Minal:smile:
    S/S is going to be bad!
    Fuschia, Blue (Bright I hope)
    and Silver Lambskin with Gold Hardware are all amazing.

    I hope the Fuschia is HOT PINK and not STRAWBERRY.
  12. its a gorgeous bag. Saw the large size in the store today . And what a deal!!!
  13. I absolutely love the light beige caviar with gold hw! It is such an elegant color! I think it is a great deal.
  14. Yaaay!! Congrats! Post pics when you get it.
  15. You scored on that one! Congrats! :yahoo: