Just what is wrong with me???

  1. I bought myself a beautiful Vert Anis Ulysees 3 days ago and I absolutely :heart: :heart: :heart: it....
    Problem is.... I can't quite bear to use it out of the box!!! I store it back into the box after I use it, every single time... tissue and all :confused1:. I had to bring it out with me today and guess what? I brought it out in the box! I was at a cafe and I think I looked totally ridiculous--

    Orange box out of the bag, flip open the tissue (four sides) and out comes the beauty.... write, write, write... and the ritual repeats (this time other way around) :wacko: :wacko:.....

    I think I need help. HELP!!!
  2. That is really precious! Once you get used to using it alot and the agenda is broken in, you'll put the box aside. The agenda will still be precious, but you won't have that worry about the first scrape or scuff. Your story is sweet, I think I would do that too, with any thing I love when it's new.
  3. Yeah! No wonder you are smittened by it, Tricia! It's Vert Anis Togo! Smells good too, right?!

    I know the cure for this 'illness' ~ the antidote is more orange boxes :p
  4. i'm the same way except not with something i'm to use everyday like an agenda, keyring, or wallet. i know they'll get screwy soon enough so i just surrender. hehe if i saw you at the cafe doing that i would chuckle. :p
  5. Imagine it this way... no matter how beuatiful it is, it still has a function you need.

    Would you put an expensive coat back in it's box after each wear? No, you wear it (it's function), and then care for it gently. Hang it up on a good hangar. And so forth. It's the same with your Hermes...

    Use it, find a good place for it like perhaps your purse side pocket kept empty for such a purpose, and enjoy keeping it with you - not in it's box!

    Put something else pretty in the box to keep you from slipping into the old habit, like a card from one of your kids. Then remember:

    Life is Short. Love the beautiful things life has given you and keep them close. :heart:
  6. I have to laugh ( in a good way...) My 4 year old for some very strange reason scribbled on by framboise agenda could have cryed...so i can see why you want to protect it...Am being very grown up about my little mishap and thinking every time i see the scribbles i will think of my little lady!!!
  7. haha I did that too for the first day or two! I'd use my agenda, then put it back in it's box at night! It was only after I had it in my purse for two weeks that it's staying beautiful, so I have no worries now ^_^
  8. It's like opening a new present every time you open your box.
    I agree with Rainrowan and MrsSparkles that the more you use it, it will come out of the box and purchase more H things and you'll want to take them all out of the box.
  9. Loved your story! I was the same way at first too. :yes:
    My Ulysee has been in my bag for quite a while now and is still in perfect condition. That togo is really tough! :yahoo: But if you feel better having it protected in the box, by all means!
  10. This is sooooo funny!
  11. So cute! Just enjoy your beautiful agenda!
  12. True Love I say!!!
  13. HAHA! I can relate, I keep my wallets in the dustbag in purse. When I go to pay for something I can slide it out of the dustbag while in my purse so no one sees it. I have to get a dustbag for my Dogon wallet I just got yesterday.....
  14. I still do that with many of my bags... :shame:

    Your story is sweet, tricia. It just means you're in love with something so beautiful. :heart:
  15. Oh my, you have it bad Tricia! Congrats and enjoy her in good health!