Just went on an accessories binge on Coach.com...

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  1. So much for my ban. Maybe I should reword that to a "bag ban." :rolleyes:

    I got 2 wallets and a wristlet. And the stupid website was screwing up and I'm hoping it didn't end up charging my credit card twice. I looked at my credit card account online and so far there is only one transaction from Coach...but anyway, I'm starting to get hooked on Coach accessories too. All because of you people!

    I got a Soho Signature wallet, a Soho leather wallet, and a Hamptons signature wristlet...I'm now getting hooked on having my accessories match my bags! Can't wait to show you all when they get here!
  2. OMG, 2 wallets!!! Congrats, post pics as soon as you get them! :smile:
  3. Yeah, my credit card took a hit with this transaction (especially if it went through twice...but so far it looks like this is not the case). I got a letter in the mail yesterday that I could increase the credit line on this account to $50,000 by filling out the application...decided against that...
  4. Congrats! Can't wait to see pics.

    And good choice on not accepting the $50,000 increase. That will get you into alot of trouble.
  5. Oh, can't wait to see pics! Good thinking on the credit limit! That'd be too tempting!
  6. wow...thats some serious accessory shopping!!! congrats on the purchases and i cant wait to see the pics!
  7. Definitely post pics! I love matching bags and accessories too!
  8. pics please! i enjoy lothing in others' happiness ;) .
  9. Congrats and definitely post pics when you get everything. I know what you mean about this place sparking even more of an obsession - I totally was all about bags before, but since I've been at tpf, I've seen the light with regard to accessories! I have a feeling the PCE for me will be all about accessories!

    Congrats again!
  10. Same here!!!!

    Congrats on your new purchases!!!!
  11. Congrats on the purchases... :yes:

    Oh dear... the damage I would do with $50,000... :graucho: Oh the purses and shoes... The sad thing is, I probably forget to buy clothes to put on the space inbetween the purses and shoes!! :roflmfao:
  12. Post Pics!!!! Congrats!!
  13. Congrats!!Post pics as soon as they come in!
  14. It is so easy to do and there is so much cute accessories. Congratulations.
  15. Ohh nice ! I went on a mini accessory binge I got 3 charms a new cell phone charm adn the scraf with Jumbo heart on it , I feel the need to get more though