Just went back home after moving away &......

  1. I need thoughts advice & someone to tell me if I'm crazy or not..

    We just moved to Florida last month. We have spent years dreaming of living on the ocean. Everything fell into place & we had the perfect opportunity so we went for it. The past month has been great. We love the area, the people, the weather, NO complaints at all!

    Now, this past weekend, we flew back home to Indiana to see my family before my kids start school. My mom has had a very hard time dealing with our move so I really did it to cheer her up.

    I wanted nothing more to get out of Indiana for years. I've lived there all my life & felt no real "excitement" anymore.

    So, we come back & stayed at our old house (still on the market) which is furnished & still looks much like it did when we lived there. My family came over, we swam, my kids played with Papaw, we slept in our old rooms. It was just a really good time~ & after only 3 days, I felt I didn't want to come back to Florida?! I just fell so easily into being "home". Our old house (which we adored), my family, our favorite restaurants, friends, etc...

    We were getting ready to leave for the airport this morning to fly back to Florida & I starting crying out of the blue. I NEVER expected to have these feelings at all? Now, I'm sitting here thinking of all the things I LOVED about Indiana. I'm depressed about missing the turning leaves & fall weather (my absolute favorite time of year..) My kids are asking to "go back home to Indiana" & they want to stay with Mimi (my mom) ~ Gosh, I feel like I'm crazy.

    Don't get me wrong, I still love Florida but I appreciate what I had in the midwest more than I ever did before. DH looks at me & says, "Well, we could always move back to Indy"~ That doesn't help my train of thought any:push:

    My emotions are so torn. I said, let's give it till Christmas~ We are flying back home again. I guess if the feelings are still that strong then, even after we step off the plane to frigid weather, then we know what we should do. :yes:

    So here I sit in a tropical paradise & I'm missing the cornfields:blink:

    Anyway, has anyone else experienced this? What did you do? Did you end up moving back or giving it some time. I could just use some outside points of view to clear my head. Thanks all!
  2. I'd say just give it some time...no matter how terrible your hometown is, or how wonderful your new home is, it's probably a natural instinct to want to go home.

    Maybe you would like Florida better if you stayed for a longer period of time. It takes time to get use to things.
  3. Ok, the smilie you used here made me :roflmfao::roflmfao:.

    Anyway, give it more time and I'm sure everything will work out in Florida. If not, go back home. I know you've heard it before, but home is where your heart/treasure is. :crybaby:
  4. Give Fla some more time.......its TOTALLY normal for u to be homesick......
    If after 6 mos..u still feel that way...Then RECONSIDER.All moves require time to adjust!U will be fine!
  5. ^ITA.

    Give yourself sometime to adjust. Maybe have your mom/dad/extended family come visit you in Florida and make some great memories in your new house :smile:
  6. Thanks everyone:heart: It just struck me funny... everything has been just perfect since the move. Never had any regrets at all, love everything.. but then all it took was me to go back home for the first time & I get all emotional & having doubts~ I can't even blame it on PMS! LOL
  7. Humans like comfort and familiarity you know everything about indy so it's natural to feel better there.

    Maybe you could take your old home off the market for a few months just in case you do want to move back especially as you love the old house.

    Give Florida a little longer but ultimately you should do what makes you happy
  8. Where in Florida did you move? (just curious) any big move takes time...Sorry you had these feelings. I hope it gets better. Atleast your DH is open to moving back if you really want to. Thats great!
  9. I think it is wise to at least give it until Christmas, and then you may think a little differently. Try finding some comforts in the new place you've moved to - you know the kinds of little discoveries that make you feel good about where you are - a great bakery, coffee shop, great park. I think you do just need some headspace. Also remember the reasons why you left - to feel "excitement" and broaden your horizons!
  10. ^Sunshine, we moved to the Sarasota area. Such a GREAT city, we really do love it here. I do think we are still in an adjustment phase & that if we are really meant to stay here, it will all work itself out. :yes: Our house in Indy probably won't sell anytime soon with the real estate market being in the shape it is. We are going to re-evaluate things around Christmas time & see how we feel then. Although I really hope these are just "silly & passing feelings"...
  11. Lol, Illinois gal here, you don't have to tell me twice about the appeals of the midwest that are somewhat underappreciated by those of us stuck here! I've met few people in my current line of work that don't constantly talk about wanting to get out of the midwest, but there are some things about it that really appeal to me. Yeah, no pretty scenery (though the Bloomington, IN area is nice), but you can always find friendly people here, for the most part people are neighborly and well-intentioned. In my hometown when I drive or walk down the street everyone waves hello to me. People I've never even met wave and smile. It's just an easy and friendly place to live. I'd honestly like to end up in Chicago someday if I can job-wise, you get the best of both worlds closer to a city.
  12. I agree with the "home is where your heart is". I lived in St. Louis until I was in second grade, then lived in the Chicago suburbs. I came back to St. Louis for college, moved to Indiana for four years while my husband was in medical school and had the opportunity to move all over the country for his residency. We could have moved to New York, San Francisco, Boston, Portland, Seattle, Atlanta, Nashville . . . We were seriously considering a big move just to try something new. However, in the end, I decided that I didn't want to repeat the "move to Indiana". Although I had no complaints about Indiana, it just never "felt like home". St. Louis and Chicago are home for me, and I know that I will probably always live in one of these two places. I admire people who can pick up and move, and I do think that you learn and grow when you do that. . . but for me, I know that I will be happiest feeling at home . . .
  13. While I agree with everyone that homesickness takes time to heal (I moved cross-country twenty years ago)....I have a different take from the other posters.

    I look back after all this time and realize how much we missed out on by being so far from family. Especially for my daughter, who was only eight when we moved. I feel we did her a great disservice by moving so far from family.

    And now..with my daughter having moved thousands of miles away...as has my now ex-husband....it's no fun being all alone thousands of miles from family.

    So if I had to choose between ocean and family, I would take family.

    Oh yeah...I'm a former midwesterner myself. Great place to live and great place to raise kids!
  14. Stay where you are at. It will be better!!! I promise!!!